Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Matt Mosely at the Dallas Morning News' Cowboys Blog Asks what Jerry Jones should name the new mega-stadium that will be built in Arlington. I came up with a few, which posted in the comments section of his blog, including:

G-d's Stadium
Tom Landry Field at Dallas Cowboy's Park
The House that Roger Built
Crazy Ray's House of Pain
Labor Day Park, the Home of Jerry's Kids
Mike Lynn Stadium (after all, if not for him, Jerry may still be looking for that first Super Bowl ring)
The Football Park in Arlington
Yankee Stadium

Okay, maybe that last one was taken. Anybody else have any ideas?


Why is Iran in such a tizzy over the fact that Israel claims it has nuclear capabilities? Aside from the fact that it proves without a Shadow of a doubt, the utter incompetence of the Israeli Prime Minister, isn't Iran arguing that they should have them as well? It would be one thing if they argued that since Israel has them, they should as well. But it's another thing to go to the UN and demand Israel disarm.

As far as any clear-thinking person is concerned, I would prefer the nukes to be in the hands of countries that wish life and peace in the world, not death and destruction. Iran can go shove it up their respective asses.


I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for about 10 months back in 1989. At the time, both my wife and I became very aware that there is something quite off with the people of that town. It's hard to explain, but it just seemed the desert heat got to the natives. As far as the Jewish population was concerned, it was apparent by their numbers, as opposed to how many were affiliated with synagogues, that most of the Jews lived there as an escape from the Jewishness of Los Angeles.

Anyway, I read today that Phoenix-area Rabbis met with Jimmah Carter to discuss his latest psychotic anti-Semitic book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid."

The Rabbi's response was that they wouldn't call for a boycott, but they also won't suggest that anyone read it either.


I guess I have reason #177 why I won't ever move back to Arizona.


Air Force Brig. Gen. Mark O. Schissler says that the War on Terror could last as long as 50-100 years. I doubt it. I mean, I guess it's possible it could take that long to completely eradicate Islamofacism. But as long as we have Democrats in Washington, the war could end anytime. It could end when we cut and run, thereby leaving the mess to the next generation and possibly the generation after that. Or it could end when the enemy gets a hold of nuclear weapons.

So to me, it seems like General Schissler is hoping the country remains in the hands of the Republicans.

Good for him.


And this story is just what happens when a small town and a slow news day combine:

At school, a potty break gone wrong

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