Saturday, December 23, 2006

Well, that's over with, finally. My son's Bar Mitzvah took place today - which explains where I've been all week - and while it was a beautiful affair, it was also exhausting, stressful and expensive. Thankfully, we are not among the crowd that believes that every Bar Mitzvah (or wedding) must be fancier, or more gaudy that the neighbor's. And in truth, we had a lot of help with the food and other expenses from family and friends, so I'm not really complaining. In fact, I am exceptionally humbled by the outpouring of help and support we did receive.

Anyway, the Bar Mitzvah was very nice and my son did better than I would have ever imagined.


I'm cautiously optimistic about the Cowboys-Eagles game Monday. On paper, this isn't the same Eagles team that dominated Dallas earlier in the season. The optimism stems from the fact that this isn't the same Cowboys team either. My take on the game is that although Jeff Garcia has had great success since replacing an injured Donovan McNabb, and the Cowboys defensive backs have been reeling, Garcia's weakness is throwing the long pass. Since covering the log ball has been Dallas' weakness, I think the Cowboys D will be up to the task. On offense, I don't believe the Philadelphia defense can stop Dallas.

My prediction is Dallas 34 Philadelphia 24.

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