Saturday, February 03, 2007

In all honesty, I don't really care who wins tomorrow's Super Bowl. I suppose that being that I live in Chicago at the present time I should root for the Bears. But I am so sick of hearing all the talk about the '85 Bears and the '06 Bears, that I actually feel like I'm going to throw up.

So, in order to put to rest the bitterly disputed question of just who was the best team ever, I present MY TOP 10 BEST SUPER BOWL TEAMS.

Oh, and incidentally, my pick for tomorrow is for Chicago to defeat Indianapolis 26-21. Or, it will be Indianapolis over Chicago 29-17. It's hard to say which.

10. 1991 Washington Redskins
What may be the most overlooked Super Bowl champion, the '91 Redskins were actually a very overpowering team. The Redskins lost only two games all season by a combined 5 points and actually shut out three of the first 5 teams they faced. In a one-hit wonder year, quarterback Mark Rypien was all-world while coach Joe Gibbs won his third Super Bowl with his third different quarterback.

9. 1984 San Francisco 49ers
Losing just one game along the way, Bill Walsh's 49ers team made it back to the Super Bowl after missing it the two previous seasons. Armed with Joe Montana in his prime, the Niners swept into the Super Bowl by shutting out the Chicago Bears, a team that would only lose one game the next year, 23-0.

8. 1986 New York Giants
During the mid to late '80s, the Giants were in the thick of things ever since Bill Parcells came to town. Featuring a power running game combine with a fearsome defense, the Giants finally got past the Bears and 49ers and win the Super Bowl, thanks in part to the brilliant accuracy of quarterback Phil Simms.

7. 1977 Dallas Cowboys
After being the only team from the NFC to win a Super Bowl this decade, Tom Landry's new and improved team came back and did it again with an almost entirely new roster just 6 years later. So dominating their opponents this year, it was almost cruel that the Cowboys were able to trade for the missing piece to their Super Bowl puzzle, number two draft pick Tony Dorsett.

6. 1966 Green Bay Packers
As the first Super Bowl champions, the Packers were nearing the end of their glory days. But what was intended to be a showcase for the talent of the upstart American Football League was nothing more than a swatting away by the bigger, stronger and more established NFL.

5. 1972 Miami Dolphins
Had the Dolphins lost a game during the 1972 season, they probably would not have rated so high. But because of the almost impossible achievement of winning them all, Miami deserves to be ranked among the best ever. With a bruising running attack and a "no-name" defense, the Dolphins will forever remain there.

4. 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers
After winning two Super Bowls in a row, Chuck Noll restocked his defense into one of the most feared in NFL history. Anchored by "Mean" Joe Green, the Steel Curtain was feared by every offense it faced. But it was the Steeler offense that took over the Super Bowl that year, defeating the returning champion Dallas Cowboys, winners of 8 in a row, for the second time in 3 years.

3. 1992 Dallas Cowboys
Speed was the name of the game for the Cowboys in '92. After rebuilding the 'Boys from 1-15 three years earlier, Jimmy Johnson used shrewd trades (Hershel Walker, anyone?), high draft choices and a flurry of draft-day deals to bring them from the absolute worst to the absolute best. With Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin just beginning to emerge, the leagues youngest team was clearly poised to win more Super Bowls ahead.

2. 1989 San Francisco 49ers
For one last season, Joe Montana showed the world why he was the greatest quarterback in NFL history. While usually it's defenses that win championships, the Niners offense was so overwhelming that it didn't matter. The final example was their destruction of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV by a score of 55-10.

1. 1985 Chicago Bears
The 15-1 Bears were so dominant, they cut a record about the Super Bowl even before the playoffs began. Then, they went and dismantled the Giants, Rams and Patriots in the playoffs and Super Bowl by a combined 91-10.

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He Said She Said said...

We love your site. Keep blogging. By the way, our favorite Super Bowl team is the 1999 St. Louis RAMS. Greatest show on Turf.

Here's our Super Bowl prediction:
BEARS 28, Colts 17

-He Said, She Said