Friday, February 09, 2007

Pardon me if I'm underwhelmed.

Now that 24 hours have past since the Cowboys hired Bum's boy, I feel like I can give a better assessment of the situation.

So here goes:


Don't get me wrong. I happen to think highly of Wade Phillips. Always have. Liked his daddy, too.

But after supposedly scouring the country to find the best replacement for the departed Bill Parcells, is that the best you can do?

Apparently, and shamefully, it is.

At one point, the head coaching position on the Dallas Cowboys was the most ambitious of jobs. After all, when Jimmy Johnson took over in 1989, only one other man had ever held the position in the then 29-year history of the ball club.

Then, if somewhat overnight, Jerry Jones turned it into a national joke. Only the great Bill Parcells could turn such a mess into a serious contender. But once Big Bill skipped town, 'ol Jerry wasted precious little time to reclaim the crown of Cowboy Boss.

By hiring good-'ol-boy Wade, Jerry has reverted to the standard last witnessed with the witless Dave Campo.

Say what you will about Wade, but does anyone seriously think he will control Terrell Owens? Even Andy Reid, a man no one could enjoy messing with, decided he had enough headaches without T.O. and sent him packing.

What happens the first time Owens says, or does, something colossally stupid - which given his history is all but guaranteed? Will anyone back up the coach?

Will Jerry?

Bill Parcells is a lot of things also. But a pushover wasn't one of those things. Wade Phillips is a good coach. But he is also the polar opposite of Parcells. Phillips is known as a player's coach - similar to Dave Campo. And we know what happened there.

Given that Jerry had already decided who will run the offense (Jason Garrett) and will continue to have the last say in any and all decisions once again, what could possibly go wrong?

I guess we'll discover than in a few years the next time Jerry realizes (yet again) he needs another Big Bill.

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