Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I came across three excellent articles today that I want ts share with you. The first one, written by the remarkable Thomas Sowell, titled "Dangerous Demagoguery," discusses the quandary that the Democratic party is facing regarding the war in Iraq.

One of the points Sowell makes is in regard to the apparent crowing by the Speaker of the House after pushing through her "cut and run" resolution:

It has been painfully clear that Speaker Pelosi was serious only about scoring political points. Her big grin when she won a narrow vote for a non-binding resolution was grotesque against the background of a life-and-death issue.

You don't grin over a political ploy that you have pulled when men's lives are at stake.

Furthermore, he criticizes the mainstream media for ignoring the positives in Iraq while running with stories that aren't true, but are sensational and dangerous.

The second story is by Caroline Glick , titled "An embrace of Jihadist 'peace' ." In her article, she examines the history of the Jihadist movement and the failures of both the American and Israeli leaders to stem the tide. In remarking about the American failure, Glick noted:

Rice is laboring to empower Teheran's terrorist allies in Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and Fatah. This she does by promoting the so-called Arab peace plan, which demands that Israel agree to dangerous and strategically catastrophic concessions to the Palestinian terrorist government.

In behaving thus, Rice is walking in the well-worn footsteps of her predecessors. Indeed, it seems almost axiomatic that when the going gets tough for US administrations, administration officials get tough on Israel.

Glick also mentions the incident that supposedly led to the war last year between Israel and Hezbullah. After all, if Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was right about his "winning the war", where are the kidnapped soldiers he fought to have released?

The third article was written by editorialist and talk-show host Dennis Prager, titled "New form of evil is why America has not won Iraq war."

Prager, a traditional religious Jew, often writes of topics of morality and Judeo-Christian values and is one of the most respected and sought-after speakers in the country. In his article today, he writes about the latest Jihadi ploy of using innocent children in attacks on civilians.

From his, as well as my own and I'm certain many other other's perspectives, nothing compared to the cruelty of the Nazi regime in their use of torture regarding children. However, as we begin this new millennium, we are faced with something almost - if not horribly similar - in the Muslim/Jihadist world.

By using innocent children as a means to destroy not only the child's life, but that of scores of innocent people, the Islamofacists have gone completely evil with no hope of redemption. In my opinion - again as well as many others - these are no longer human beings capable of rational thought or deed. As far as I'm concerned, any people/organization/religion (or at least those who bastardize it) that embraces such acts as necessary, praiseworthy or even acceptable, should no longer have any right to continue to live amongst other human beings. They are monsters who must be destroyed.

It is not for me to play G-d. However, if we are to have a thriving society in this world, we must not allow ourselves to be sucked into any debate with animals who worship death. If they wish death as a target and a means of redemption, they should be allowed to kill themselves and leave the rest of us alone.

But clearly, what the Jihadists have always done - from Arafat to Assad to Saddam Hussein to the mad Mullahs today - is to hide behind women and children and sacrifice them in their own cowardice.

If for no other reason than that, we should be thankful that our military is doing it's job and we shouldn't rest until it's completed - no matter how long it takes. As far as the Democrats timetable for pullout is concerned, it's simply shameful that we would sit back and allow our leaders to fail in their mission to not only make us safe, but to make the same mistakes over and over again in keeping us that way.

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