Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why does it always seem that the time my children wake up in the morning is counter-proportionate to how much I have to do each day. For instance, one of my twin boys woke up around 3 this morning and is up for the day. Being that my wife works full-time, I felt it unfair to wake her so I could go back to sleep. Yet, I have a lot on my plate today and I know that by the time they all get off for school, I'm going to be a zombie. This is not what I call great timing.

I love it when a politician invokes G-d's name, or any other Deity as if he is capable of knowing what said Deity thinks. In this instance, wonder-boy John Edwards claims to know that Jesus "would be appalled" by how the United States has ignored the plight of the suffering.

This comment brings two thoughts to mind. Firstly, what does Edwards think Jesus would say about the rest of the world, and secondly, what does Jesus think about his own career at earning millions of dollars for himself at the expense of his clients?

This is what I truly despise about certain politicians (especially those on the left). No matter how much better - and there is really a vast difference in most cases - the United States is in charity, human and civil rights and freedom for all, these guys can not help but blame America first for all that ails the world.

I'm not going to say we haven't got earned our share of the blame, but to say that Jesus, or anyone else would be appalled while the rest of the world spins out of control is just plain dumb. It's one thing for some crackpot in Iran or North Korea to make such an asinine comment. But for a Presidential hopeful to be so blatantly ignorant is just sad. Dangerously sad.

I didn't vote for the Kerry/Edwards ticket because I couldn't fathom the though of a John Kerry presidency. While I still feel very satisfied in my voting choice, I'm beginning to wonder which idiot I voted against. Does Edwards really believe people will take him seriously now?

Religion is always a touchy subject in politics. But these comments by Edwards show a lack of class and maturity. In general, it appears to me that many politicians seem to "find G-d" when they're running for office. Back in 1992, while working at a synagogue, I remember that a certain local politician began to attend services after not being seen around there for a few years. When I asked someone who he was, I was told it was a local congressman and that he always attends services when he's up for re-election. Let me tell you, he wasn't praying for votes. He was only there to show his "faith" to his constituents (who were mostly Jewish) and once the election passed, was never seen from again - at least until his seat was up for re-election again.

To me, this is the ultimate in hypocrisy. Why is it that politicians worry so much about the "G-d" vote? Obviously, religion is a very important issue to most of this country and, outside the liberal corners of the country, it is the easiest way to get votes. Show them that you have a "special relationship" to G-d and they'll consider you "good folks."

Unfortunately, their faith is as transparent as their ideals. This tactic may have worked in the days before TV or radio, certainly the Internet. But today, most voters are far more informed and instead of being held up as "good folks", they are exposed as the con artists they really are.

A true person of faith doesn't need to invoke Jesus, or G-d, or Moses or Mohammad. It is never the words that come out of his mouth that prove a candidate has faith. It's the action of his deeds.

John Edwards obviously doesn't get it and probably never will. But that certainly doesn't surprise me. Nor should it surprise anyone else.

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