Sunday, June 10, 2007

Since it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted, I suppose I should have a lot to say.

It's true that sadness and pain brings out creativity. That's why so many artists - be they singers, painters or any other type artist - consider their most creative periods to be at a time when they were at their lowest. Artists aren't considered tortured souls for nothing.

Now, before I get too ahead of myself, please understand that I do not consider myself an artist in the least bit. artistic talent comes in many shapes and sizes and I' unfortunately, have the soul of a singer, but not the talent.

But I regress.

Maybe it's just that I've been happier than I'd been in a long time. But for whatever reason, I have found very little motivation to write these past few weeks. But even though I am living somewhat happier than I have in a while, there are still those moments when I find myself annoyed, aggravated and generally P.O.'d at some things that are happening in the world around me.

So in this spirit, I present to you my latest "Shayne's Truisms" to allay my frustrations:

1. Immigration is what built this country. Illegal immigration is what will destroy it.

2. The most effective way to destroy society is through the spread of unchecked liberalism.

3. I shouldn't be, but yet I am still surprised that certain British academics have come out with theories that claim Israel and the Popular Front for Palestine were in cahoots during the 1976 Entebbe raid.

4. When it times to pull that lever, security and safety will trump over empty rhetoric. That's why I believe Rudy Giuliani will be the next President.

5. I have no doubt in my mind that Senator Barack Obama will be the Vice-Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in 2008.

6. Does anybody watch "Survivor" anymore? Is it still on TV?

7. GM used to make the best cars. Then they got lazy. Even today, the standard GM car is far less reliable than it's foreign competitors.

8. President Bush was very wrong to assume his base would allow him to push the immigration bill down our throats. Regardless of his own rhetoric, it is an amnesty bill and the average American will never agree that illegal immigration should go unpunished.

9. Those who wish to make the United States a more global-influenced country has no idea what it means to be an American.

10. While it may be true that the Al-Qaeda/JFK plot was an impossible mission, it should still send shivers up our spines.

11. How can a multi-millionaire like John Edwards be a man "of the people." I don't know any people who are worth so much.

12. Safe haven resolutions, like the one passed by the Cook County commission recently, have no basis in law. All it will do is flood the city with more illegal immigrants which, in turn, will overwhelm hospitals and schools that are already overcrowded with legal (and illegal) immigrants.

13. You do know who will be paying the bill, don't you?

14. I can not understand how state colleges that are too expensive for many citizens can even fathom the idea of lowering tuition costs for illegal immigrants.

15. I am not a fan of Barack Obama. However, I was impressed with the fact that he actually verbalizes a plan for the future. This is a totally removed departure from Senator John Kerry, whose only plan was to get elected.

16. I couldn't care less about Paris Hilton until after I heard she was returned to jail. However, I find that sending her back serves no purpose but to allow the judge to abuse his bench. Whether she was guilty or not, once released the first time, do you think she would ever commit the same crime again? I do believe that there are certain people who are incapable of surviving prison. Paris Hilton has already cost the taxpayers too much money and time. Sending her back to jail, in my opinion, is cruel and usual punishment.

17. The New York Yankees are far from out of it. They may not catch the Red Sox, but I wouldn't bet on them missing the playoffs. On the other hand, this may well be the worst Texas Rangers team I have seen in 20 years.

18. Whoever said life begins at 40 was right on the money. Of course, two days after my 40th birthday, I received a new heart. But if life is more than just breathing, I would have to say life for me starts at 44.

19. Children are remarkable resilient. Even when you think you know how they will react, they will surprise you every time.

20. Marriage is the number one cause for divorce. Of course, life is the number one cause of death, too.

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