Sunday, August 26, 2007

If It Were Up To Me

I was watching a pretty bad movie this week (Man of the Year) and it got me thinking. So, in my post-movie stupor, I began to think about what I would do in the situation that the lead character, played by Robin Williams, found himself in by becoming President. So, after sleeping on it for a few days, I’ve come up with my list of what I would do if it were up to me.

1. I would stop playing games in Iraq and send in as many troops as necessary to win and win quickly. Once we win, I would put the Marshall Plan to work.

2. I would notify Iran, Al-Qaeda, or any other organization that should any act of terror be made against the USA, or any of her allies, that these nations (in the case of Al-Qaeda, I would target Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Syria just for the show of it) will lose one entire cities population after such attack. Then I would stick to it.

3. I would immediately recognize Israel’s right to build a fence separating itself from the Arabs.

4. Mandate that the Holocaust and the true story of the cause of World Wars I and II be taught in full detail to every student in 8th grade and above. Furthermore, teach about the U.S. involvement in slavery and how right-minded Americans fought to end it.

5. All illegal immigrants should be deported, or allowed to apply for citizenship. If the immigrant is a convicted felon, he/she should not be allowed citizenship. We can pay for it with all the money we are saving from the elections. (see #7)

6. State issued driver’s licenses are a privilege afforded to American citizens only. A foreigner who is here on a Visa, or someone in the process of applying for citizenship must apply for a temporary license.

7. Political parties may raise up to a maximum of $5 million dollars each for each election.

8. Every elected official, in every government position, may serve a 4-year-term and be subject to a confidence vote after his/her third year. If he/she wins the confidence vote, he/she may continue to serve a second term. If he/she loses the confidence vote, a new election must take place. After two terms, he/she may not run again.

9. The policy of the United States is English as the official language. Everything from road signs to street and building names must be in English. If you can’t speak the language, either learn it, or leave.

10. All government officials, and those vying to be, must be periodically tested for drug use. If it’s important for our athletes to be clean, it’s even more vital for our politicians.

Well, I know this list will ruffle some feathers and some of them may even anger some of you. But as I see it, this country is clearly going in the wrong direction. We have become a nation of appeasers and fat cats. We give in because it’s easy, not because it’s right. We are slowly being destroyed from within because we either don’t see the danger, or don’t care.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be more optimistic. After all, it is the day after a Cowboy loss (albeit pre-season). Still, I am not very hopeful at this time. I hear people like Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama say the same stupid crap they’ve (the Democratic party) peddle for the last 30 years. Then I look at the Chicago Sun-Times and it’s as if Obama is the second coming of Jesus.

It’s all just too much.

I listen to talk show after talk show call President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Karl Rove every name in the book, comparing them to Hitler, Stalin or the devil themselves. Then, these same morons go and complain how no one is civil anymore.

I meet people on the street who have no idea who any of the Supreme Court justices are, but know every detail about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s divorce proceedings.

If it were up to me, I would wake all of us up and realize that it’s not the government lying to you about the threat of nuclear Iran, or another Al-Qaeda attack. It’s those people who are so buried in the sand about how much they hate – hate Bush, hate pro-lifers, hate religion – that want us to believe that if we just sacrifice Israel, or just talk to Iran, or just allow 12 million illegals into our country – life will be good again. Just like it was when Bill Clinton was President.

It would not surprise me if the majority of Americans thought the hostage crisis started during the Reagan administration, or that during the 8 years Bill Clinton was President, terrorists didn’t bother us. I mean how could we expect any of our children to know the true story when they are told we are the cause of all evil by our professors?

That old saying about history repeating itself? Well, that can’t happen and do you know why? Because in today’s universities they won’t even teach history. In London, the public school system removed Holocaust studies because they felt it would insult the Islamofacists who claim it never happened.

That’s not repeating history, that’s denying it. Deny American history and there will be no America left to remember.

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