Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From the incredible Debbie Schlussel:

Condi's Redlining & Restrictive Covenant: U.S. Says "No Jews Allowed to Live Here"

You'd think that Condi Clueless a/k/a Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would be sensitive to redlining and restrictive covenants. You'd think that someone who is familiar with old school policies in some neighborhoods and businesses of "No Blacks Allowed" would be against "No Jews Allowed."

But you would be wrong.

Today, if there were signs up--or even secret policies--of neighborhoods not allowing Jews or Blacks to live in a certain neighborhood or to build a new home there, the Justice Department would be on their rear ends like Rosie O'Donnell on a slice of pizza.

But, in Israel, well . . . the U.S. has a different policy. And Clueless Condi is the chief architect and enforcer of the Nazi-like Judenrein policy.

No Jews Allowed. No Jews Allowed. Just what part of No Jews Allowed didn't you understand?

That's the policy Clueless Condi is shouting at Israel, these days. You'd think a woman of color would be sensitive to--no, outraged by--bigoted real estate policies.

But you would be wrong.

In fact, she's the chief perpetrator. She's demanding it and pressuring Ehud Olmert to stop allowing Jews to build and own homes in the so-called "West Bank" (but no corresponding requirement of Arabs and Muslims to stop building and buying homes in Israel), in advance of the dumb Bush last attempt at a Nobel Peace Prize a/k/a The Annapolis Conference, next week.

Meanwhile, in exchange for the pleasure of acquiescing to the Condi-demanded bigoted housing policy, Israel gets the privilege of . . . releasing 441 murderous terrorists into the general population?! GUH-Reat deal. It's the kind of deal they gave Jews in the concentration camps, wherein they could turn in their fellow Jew to his/her death in exchange for a piece of bread.

Yup, the next time you hear Condi Rice talk about how she's "risen above racism," don't believe her hype. She's not only not "risen above" it.

She's perpetrating it. That it's in a different parcel of land makes no difference.

I suppose this is supposed to be an improvement from the signs that were once posted, "No Jews or Dogs Allowed."

The dogs have elevated their status. The Jews, not so much.

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