Monday, November 26, 2007

The lexicon of Man's foolishness:

Wye River
Camp David 2000
Beirut Summit
The Road Map

and now, Annapolis.

9 ideas, 9 meetings.

So far, 8 Israeli capitulations, 0 Arab-kept agreements.

Mah nishtana ha-lyla ha-zeh (why is this night different from any other)?

Annapolis is perhaps the most foolish of them all. For one thing, the only thing left to offer the Arabs is Jerusalem, and aside from the fact that this will in no way appease them, Olmert will lose his government over it.

Secondly, by inviting the Syrian delegation, President Bush is already making a mockery of whatever it is he hopes to accomplish. Truly, he must understand that Syria=Iran, Gaza=Iran and Hezbollah=Iran.

I can not imagine any single person left on this planet who believes that this "peace summit" will end without more Jewish deaths and more pressure put on the only real democracy in the region. I still believe that the Iraq war is not about "oil". But I am certain that this "peace summit" is all about oil.

The President told us that he believes in a two-state solution. Fine.

He told us that it is up to the Arab people to make it a viable possibility. Fine.

They answered him by electing the number one terror organization in the region, Hamas. That, Mr. Bush, was your answer.

Why then, are you so gung-ho to force Israel to do more?

Seriously, do you really mean that you want another intolerant Arab nation to be created? Do you really want another mass-murdering, Sharia-led government? Do you really believe it won't turn into another Iranian province?

For what purpose are you keeping up with this lunacy, if not for oil? If you meant what you said, then YOU, more than any other, should be bringing the hammer down on the Arab people who hate you, wish your destruction and belittle your beliefs.

I read today that a teacher in Sudan was handed down a punishment of 40 lashes because her school children named their teddy bear "Mohammad."

Is that who we want as peace partners, Mr. President?

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