Thursday, December 27, 2007

What is going on with the Israeli left and rape???

First was the article below about the research paper, written by a graduate student named Tal Nitzan, that tried to paint the Israeli military as "racists" because they didn't rape the women of the enemy.

Now comes this stunning story from the Holy Land:

Haaretz Editor Asked US Secretary of State to "Rape" Israel
Unfortunately, the headline is not a joke.

Shameful, stunning, horrible, disgusting...words I can't say in print reflect my feelings about the article, the person it's about and the entire left-wing surrender monkeys who moral equate self-defense and murder. From where I come from, they used to call that sedition. Unfortunately, in the new world order of left-wing extremism, what used to be traitorous is now respected and accepted.

Is it any wonder why the world is so screwed up?

This just makes me sick. And it should make you angry as well. It's about time we stopped sitting on our asses and letting these half-brained morons set policy for us all. I truly believe the extreme liberalism of the 21st century can and will be the undoing - not just of Israel - but of America as well.

And it's already started.

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