Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today's post is in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the final episode of M*A*S*H...

And so it begins...

(credit to Atlas Shrugs)
This picture was taken in Jerusalem, which as of June 5, 1967, was liberated by Israel after 19 years of ILLEGAL Jordanian occupation. Now, although a large number of Jews own property past this sign, the Olmert government has unilaterally decided that this land (like the 22 nations that border it) are now judenrein.

Of course, in light of this travesty, Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice said:

"I am concerned about the humanitarian condition there and innocent people in Gaza who are being hurt. We have to remember that the Hamas activities there are responsible for what has happened in Gaza."

My dear Madame Secretary, how can there be a humanitarian crisis when the "innocent people" aren't human? I guess she considers only the ones who are actually attacking Jewish children to be innocent. It's funny - for a time, I really liked Condi and actually thought she'd make an excellent Vice-Presidential candidate. But unfortunately, as has been the history of the U.S. State Department, she has fallen under the pan-Arabist world views of her predecessors.


Is there any connection between Barack Obama and Islam?

I have to say that it would surprise me. However, more and more stories are coming out regarding his connections that have me a little more than concerned. I certainly do not expect him to come out as a closet Muslim. But on the other hand, I am becoming increasingly concerned with some of the things he has (and hasn't) said, as well as his friendships with certain extreme influences.

It's a known fact that his Pastor, Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, is an ardent anti-Semite and it's also known that Obama's church presented Louis Farrakhan - he being the one to call Judaism a "gutter religion" with lifetime acheivement award. Unfortunately, during Tuesday night's debate", Obama failed to convince anyone that he repudiates either of these men, or their policies. The answers he gave Tim Russert were more along the lines of "some of my best friends are Jewish", rather than, "I reject them."

Unfortunately as well, Hillary Clinton seems to be in full surrender mode and failed to take advantage of Obama's skirting.

But I think the thing that gives me the most cause for alarm is the fact that there is a concerted effort by Muslim mosques to galvanize volunteers to spread out to all of the area mosques in Central Ohio in promoting Obama as "their" candidate. Now I realize it is no different that Jews doing the same in the past for their Democrat candidate du jour. But it's also no longer legal for a candidate to raise money through tax-exempt institutions.

But to be honest, in this day and age, where dhimmitude is knocking on the door of freedom everywhere, I have to say I'm unnerved that the Muslim community is supporting a candidate they consider their own. At a time where we are faced with the global threat of Islamic jihad, I can't say I'm very comfortable with having someone as President who could have connections and an emotional attachment to those who wish to enslave or kill me.


On to the important stuff...

After sitting through another 3 hours of American Idol this week (this is what I do when football seasons ends), I give you my TOP 20 followed by where I posted them last week. Of course this means I'm assuming who the 4 contestants who will be voted of will be:

The Best of the Best
1. David Archuletta (5) -- the best performance of the year
2. Syesha Mercado (3) -- tremendous crossover appeal
3. David Cook (2) -- resident rocker
4. Carly Smithson (8) -- best voice talent

Next of the Best

5. Michael Johns (1) -- tremendous potential but needs to be more consistent
6. Brooke White (7) -- personal fave, but not best singer
7. Asia'h Epperson (4) -- needs more consistency
8. Michael Hernandez (13) -- saved himself with strong performance

Best of the Rest
9. Jason Castro (5) -- really like his style, but needs to expand
10. Ramiele Malubay (9) -- needs more consistency
11. Alaina Whitaker (12) -- slipped down a bit after sub par performance
12. Robbie Carrico (14) -- not resident rocker. too smooth

On the Bubble

13. Alexandrea Lushington (10) -- not making a name for herself
14. Chikezie Eze (15) -- strong performance may give him extra week
15. Kristy Lee Cook (19) -- ditto
16. Danny Noriega (16) -- loses lots of votes to Archuleta

Bye, Bye, Bye

17. Amanda Overmeyer (11) -- WTF was that? Needs new hair stylist
18. Luke Menard (20) -- reminds me of Dan Fogelberg, who never won AI either
19. Kady Malloy (17) -- competition too great for her
20. Jason Yeager (17) -- looks like he should be a used car salesman (or lawyer)


Well, I guess I spoke to soon. On tonight's American Idol, only one that I expected to be let go (Jason Yeager) ended up leaving. But I was surprised that Alaina Whitaker and Robbie Carrico left so soon (I thought they would at least make the top 12). I was also surprised that Alexandrea Lushington was let go this early, although I only really gave her an extra week.

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