Thursday, March 06, 2008

And so it continues...

These were just 8 unarmed teenage boys studying to be closer to G-d. Eight boys whose only crime was being Jewish.

How do you feel about your friends now, Condi?

Do you NOW understand that these monsters are slaughtering someone else's one's children AND using their own children as "human shields"?

Do you still believe, Madame Secretary, that there is a moral equivalence between a nation that drops leaflets warning innocents to shelter to minimize casualties, and a nation that uses their disabled children as suicide bombers?

Do you, Prime Minister Olmert, care so little for your own children that you will continue to deceive your own people and force them to move out of their homes, so these murderers can have yet another acre of land to attack you from?

How about you, Mr. President? Are you still selling us that bag of goods titles "Islam is a religion of peace?"
To hell with all of you.

I voted for George Bush because I believed he was far more cognizant of the threat of Islamic fanaticism that either Senator Kerry or Al Gore. With I still believe that to be true, it's only because of how lost the Democrat Party is.

I have friends, family and kids I have worked with over the years who have, or still do attend yeshiva in Israel. Whether I know any of the victims today is irrelevant. They are all my family and they have been murdered. Not just by the disgusting Arab monster who targeted them, but by their government and ours.

I have no doubt all the world leaders will give their standard "condemnations." But it's worth less than the paper they're written on. I have no doubt that the Arabs who were giving out candy today on the streets of Cairo and East Jerusalem - EAST JERUSALEM!!! - will somehow blame it all on the Jews.

It is time, Prime Minister Olmert, to actually show some backbone and make the true difficult decision. Unlike what we keep hearing about, the "difficult decision" is not about making concessions. It's about blowing the Gaza up and turning it into a parking lot. Only with true conviction and crushing force will Israel become a safe haven for Jews worldwide.

For the longest time, I recommended to every one of my youth group kids (and there were many) to take a year off and learn in Israel. I believe the experience could turn any child into a man (or woman). I've supported the country with every ounce of my ability, through fund raising, awareness raising or through writing. But now, I've finally reached the point where I can not continue to do it. Not as long as the government is in the hands of Olmert, Livni and yes, Condi.

Do you think they're crying tonight? Of course not. Its only Jewish blood that was spilled. Although, I dare say, somewhere in Berkeley, someone is mourning the murderer.

Sorry to disappoint, but I don't have it in me to discuss American Idol tonight.

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