Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Musings

While I have to say I'm stunned that the Israeli government is shunning Jimmah Carter's visit with the Jew-killers of Hamas,I can't help but be certain their actions are purely political. Seriously, since when has Prime Minister Olmert EVER stood up for something noble?

Is the global warming fraud over? More and more scientists are coming forward and telling us what most of us figured out already - that WE DON'T KNOW ENOUGH. But, shhh, don't tell Al Gore. He still claims that the only people who don't buy into his junk science are flat-earthers and those who believe the moon landing was staged in the Arizona desert.

Me? I always thought it looked like Nevada.

Why did Barack fire his delegate, Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, who called a neighbor’s children “monkeys,” because they were climbing in trees, but still can not distance himself from Jeremiah Wright? No wonder the Democrat Party is in such a bind - they're having to choose between two candidates who are exactly alike.

When Nancy Pelosi shut down the debate on the Colombian Free Trade agreement, she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Democrat partisanship trumps our nation's interests every time. All that she managed to do with this little stunt was to slap the face of one of our best allies in Central America - and the one leader who is actually on our side in the war against drugs. Even her own Party has been critical of this move.

Of course, according to Obama and Clinton, free trade is the work of the devil. And don't even get me started on Obama's comments about religion, guns and bitterness!

I don't much care for the Olympics, as I've stated in the past. Ever since the Munich games continued despite the murder of the 11 Israeli athletes in 1972, I've been a bitter critic of them. As far as President Bush attending the opening ceremonies, I have to agree that it would be best for him to not attend, however. Even though China has opened up considerably in the last number of years, they are still a most brutal regime. I can't equate this year's games with Berlin 1936, but since these games have been a showcase for their host countries, there is no reason we have to ignore the deeds of the Chinese.

Maybe I'm just naive. But I still don't understand why a woman's right to her body trumps an innocent babies right to live. We have become so selfish that we believe our own desires are more important than someone elses. As a society, we have raised a generation of children bred on entitlements and government dependency to such an extreme that we no longer care about right and wrong, just "what's in it for me."

This explains the Democrats as a Party. I have noticed (and have mentioned it before) that many, many Democrats are "one-issue" voters. The issue may be "Gay rights", "Pro-choice", "anti-war," while most Republicans have a broader approach. Of course, most on the right will tell you that homeland security is THE most important issue, but they will not elect someone just based on that one issue (Rudy Giuliani).

When you look at the broad scope of the election, you can see how that is playing out. Blacks are overwhelmingly voting for Obama, white women for Hillary. What I still don't understand, however, is why the Jews are still so heavily Democrat. Yes, I know it comes from their long-standing devotion to minority rights. But nowadays, it seems so sensless. The Democrat Party has become so flooded with anti-Semitism, socialism and really, anti-Americanism, that it seems Jews are voting against their core beliefs. As Joe Lieberman said, "I didn't leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me."

When will we Jews realize the same?

Like most of the viewers, I was surprised that Michael Johns was eliminated from American Idol so soon. Unlike the people I spoke to who were near tears, I was never that much of a fan of his. I felt that he was too adored by the judges and never really did anything that stood out. I was surprised to see him go before some others, but I didn't expect he'd make to the top 2-3.

I'm still most impressed with David Cook and I would like Carly Smithson so much more if she would wear sleeves and not be so angry on stage as much. Brooke White, who was one of my favorites going in, seems to have lost her confidence and I still can not see buying an album (CD, whatever) by David Archuletta. For this week, I'm not the least bit excited about watching them take on Mariah Carey. I can only imagine what song Jason Castro is going to attempt.

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