Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is the hour of Iran's reckoning come nigh?

Let me ask you this, if you were Israel, would you be afraid of Iran? What if you were someone else. Say, the United States, and China were saber-rattling and threatening to wipe you off the face of the earth. Let's say the Chinese had the weapons, or were soon to have weapons capable of blowing away 75% of the country AND spoke of the desire to do so openly?

Would you be afraid? Even though the United States has the strongest military in the world, a country like China, with over a million soldiers and a huge nuclear arsenal could do unbelievable, debilitating damage to America.

The caveat is, even though China does have the capability, they don't have the desire. China has learned that strength comes from wealth and living is better than dying.

But Iran? On a daily basis, the "leadership" of the Islamic nation threatens the annihilation of Israel, and by proxy, the United States. The country's president has called for it. The mad Mullahs have stoked the anger and the brainwashed masses pray for it.

The world sits idly by not willing to stop it until it's too late.

And why?

The UN is so filled with corrupt leaders that they couldn't even agree on sanctions against the tyranny of Robert Mugabe. Their representatives worldwide have stolen billions of dollars, raped and abused women and continue to stand on the side of evil in each and every decision.

What would YOU do? The United States Supreme Court ruled that the second amendment is constitutional and that Americans have the right to defend their property and their loved ones with the use of force. This law should be easy to understand. If someone is coming after you to kill you, you have every right to kill them before hand.

This isn't rocket science, people. It's not like the Iranians have been good, decent, law abiding neighbors. Israel is faced with a very challenging choice. Kill, or be killed. They have been threatened non-stop since the day they were born. Even Iran agreed to the original resolution creating the State of Israel in 1948. Yet, that doesn't matter anymore. Not a day goes by where Israel is not being threatened by Iran, or one of her proxies. Not a day goes by that Iran - a nation sitting on more oil than any other country and has no need whatsoever for nuclear power - doesn't scream that they want to kill each and every Jew on the planet.

What would YOU do.

I say blow them to Hell before they have the chance.



Thanks loads for that eye-opening bit of jingoistic rabble-rousing idiocy, Shayne. Woke me out of my pleasant Sunday but good!

So for your next blog post, do us all a favor and render a sequel. Share with your readership which countries and peoples and cultures should be eradicated (did someone say 'genocide'?) in the name of Israel and the United States Constitution's Second Amendment. (And just to make it easy, I won't mention that said Constitution is only binding to the citizens and lands of the good ol' USA as I wouldn't want to hamper your brainstorming.) You will really be doing me a service as I live in a truly International city (Paris), and I need to know whose blood I have the US-mandated right to legally and morally spill in the Metro and on the streets of my fair town.

Oh, and just to make sure you don't get out the door here without a final misused the word 'caveat'.

Shayne said...

K, you are truly amazing at having such ability to miss the most basic point. But of course, nothing I can say will change your myopic Eurocentric head.

My point is simply, if you threaten to kill me, don't be shocked when in turn it is you who is destroyed. My analogy of the 2nd amendment right of Americans was simply that - an analogy.

But I can only assume, sitting there in France, that witnessing your own cultural destruction is simply just a matter of looking the other way. Let's talk again in 30 years when Sharia is the way of your land.


You misused the word 'analogy' (dictionaries are cheap, fact, outright free at as far as I know that isn't a liberal-slanted website, but if you hear or read otherwise do let me know.).

I didn't miss your point, mon ami, you failed to make yours. If you are going to offer an analogy to draw a parallel, try to use words and phrases that designate it as such.

The rest of what you wrote is just head-in-the-ground-ass-in-the-air Euro-slamming on your part (feeling a bit jealous of health systems that actually work and which cover every and all living being in-country, are you?) so I won't bother commenting on it.

Shayne said...

Jealous? Of socialized medicine? Uh, no thank you. Nice try though.


If what we have in France must carry the label of "socialized medicine", then the pure and simple fact is that U.S. citizens would benefit greatly from working to get past the stigma attached to their knee-jerk hexing of the term so they can then work to put such a system in place. After all, 300 million Americans deserve a medical system that works and works for everyone regardless of the label it carries, dontcha think?

-- Oh, and that last question was a rhetorical one, Shayne...I don't actually imagine or expect you to think, as it is so much easier to criticize and direct barbs at things you know nothing about without doing so. --