Friday, July 04, 2008

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Tomorrow is the 4th of July. As I ponder where our nation stands on this 232nd birthday of our country, I'm filled with many mixed emotions. But the biggest is fear. Fear for my children. Fear for their children. And even a little fear for myself.

On the surface, it would seem that I would be a supporter of Obama and the Democrats. I'm living on the government dime - being on disability and Medicare. I live inside a major city and my children all have health coverage offered by the State of Illinois. I do not own my own business or any property.

So why aren't I a Democrat? Because I have a fundamental belief in freedom and liberty. I believe that "global warming" is a code word for anti-capitalism. I believe that people should be judged on the character of their person, and not by the color of their skin. I believe that restricting law-abiding citizens the right to own a gun will only produce more violence. I believe that Americans should be energy independent and that we should use our own natural resources to produce energy as oppose to buying it from other nations. I believe that America is a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. I believe that capitalism and democracy endures over socialism, communism and theocracy.

I believe that immigrants who come to this country should adapt to our culture while abiding our laws and rules. I believe the right to freedom of religion is equal - and not inferior - to the right of freedom from religion. I believe in that a free press means that the news is reported by newscasters, not news makers. I believe that the open market should determine fairness of the airwaves.

I believe it's right to put child molesters, cop killers and other violent criminals to death, but I also believe that a mother's right to choose should not be awarded over the right of a child to live. I believe in fair taxation to serve the public need. But I believe congressional pork projects must be reigned in. I believe that should someone own a home in a flood plain, a hurricane area or any other area known for frequent disasters should have private insurance and not expect taxpayers to constantly bail them out and rebuild their homes.

I believe that the majority of Americans who are not covered by insurance are either illegal aliens, or short-sighted. Health coverage is available for everyone and where it's not financially feasible, Medicare/Medicaid is. I believe that you only need to spend time in the DMV to understand that the problem is more government, not less.

I believe that the war in Iraq is just and that only complete victory is acceptable. I believe American soldiers are heroes who should be lauded. The same for police officers, firemen and paramedics. I believe that "change" for the sake of change is a complete waste of time. I believe you can tell the character of a person by the friends he keeps. I believe that false messiahs should be exposed as frauds.

I believe our public school system has been destroyed by liberal teacher's unions. I believe it takes a parent, not a village. I believe Ronald Reagan was the greatest President of my generation. I believe Jimmy Carter continues to be the worst. I believe the State of Israel has every right to exist and I believe that Jews and Arabs have every right to live wherever they damn well want. I believe Hezbollah, Fatah and Hamas are all terrorist organizations and would not hesitate to join with Iran and Al-Qaeda to kill each and every Jew and American.

I believe there are moderate Muslims living in America who wish to live free. I believe there are Jihadi Muslims in America who wish to defeat us. I believe Rudi Giuliani is a hero and I believe Wesley Clark is not.

Most of all, despite its many individual problems, I believe the United States of America is the greatest country to ever grace this world and I believe G-d has blessed this nation for it.

As a conservative, I see the good in America and I focus on what would make this country even greater. As a conservative, I believe in the best of this country and rejoice in our freedoms and our people. As a conservative, I do not want alternative versions of our national anthem and I do not want to see our flag denigrated. As an American, I am proud to live in America, thankful to be a part of this nation and very fortunate to bask in the knowledge that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Happy Independence Day.

Here's something for your viewing pleasure (courtesy of Michelle Malkin):


WomanHonorThyself said...

Happy Fourth of Juuuuly my friend! :)

Buckley F. Williams said...

Excellent post. Happy 4th of July!

Shayne said...

Thanks, bfw! Happy 4th, Angel!

readingjunkie said...

WOW! This a fantastic post with so much passion. I hope you and your children had a wonderful 4th