Monday, August 04, 2008

The Big Oil Lie

To hear Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama talk about the rising cost of gasoline, one has to truly have either have an anti-capitalistic agenda, or just have been living in a cave for the last 30 years. According to the Democrat leaders, we "can't drill our way out of this" and "it will take at least 10years to bring the oil to market" and the even more outrageous "it will only save a few pennies, at best."

I'm telling you, add that to Pelosi's charge that she's only trying to "save the planet," and you have the next opening monologue to the Liar's Club meeting.

SO let's take these comments and discuss them individually, without an agenda. Looking realistically, honestly and without bias.

The first comment - "we can't drill our way out". What does that mean? Is she saying that increasing the supply of oil in the United States will not help us? Then why does she want to release oil from our strategic reserve? Look, I understand the need to eventually shift our habits away from oil and look towards a clean, environmentally safe alternative. But if you believe we are going to be able to remain a 21st-century superpower (as opposed to an 18th-century third world country), we are going to have to continue to use the available resources we have.

The second comment - "it will take at least 10years to bring the oil to market". Who are they kidding? As Sean Hannity pointed out, we were able to go from having a completely obliterated navy after Pearl Harbor to having the finest fleet in the world in 3 years. We were able to send a man to the moon in 8 years. You mean to tell me it will take 10 years to get oil out of the ground?

That's simply outrageous and no one without an agenda will admit to saying this.

The third comment - "it will only save a few pennies, at best." That's just silly. As soon as President Bush announced he was rescinding the Presidential ban on offshore drilling, the price at the pump went down 20 cents. If you believe this last lie, you don't understand the financial market in the least bit. Simply by announcing that we are opening the outer shelf for drilling will send the price down substantially.

As far as Pelosi trying to save the planet is concerned, why isn't she as concerned with other countries' drilling? Isn't she aware that the United States has by far the best record of safety, and safety laws, of any oil developing country? Is she insinuating that the drilling in Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or anywhere else, is as safe or clean as is in the US?

Outrageous and a complete lie.

Pelosi and the Democrats know that as long as they continue to refuse debate on drilling, they can continue to fool the American people into believe high gas prices are the doing of the nefarious Republicans. Even going as far as shutting down the cameras and the lights to avoid debate is not beneath the Speaker of the House.

But I don't think it will work. For one thing, there is a reason her approval ratings are less than 10% - the lowest in history. Many Americans are tired of paying $4 a gallon, regardless of what Europeans have to put up with. If this week taught the Democrats anything, it's that Americans really don't care what their neighbors across the pond want and believe that Europe is only interested in knocking America down a peg.

It's rather amazing considering it's American might that keeps the peace worldwide. A week after the great world tour, the "Berlin Bounce" turned out to be the "Berlin Blunder." Most Americans realized, despite the Democrat's best laid plans, that 200,000 socialists and Marxists in Germany is not exactly the concern of the American People.

But there is another side of this. What angers many Americans is that by refusing to even debate the issue, the Democrats are damning us to continue to rely on despotic regimes that would just assume overthrow us. By not drilling here, we are at the whims of the Saudis and other Mideast regimes that are the main financiers of terrorism around the globe. Americans can strangle to financial movement of these terror groups by not purchasing the one commodity they have.

And THAT would save the planet. It's too bad Mrs. Pelosi would rather save her ass.

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