Friday, August 29, 2008

What horrible arrogance spewed by Barack Obama today. Aside from the fact that John McCain released a commercial congratulating Senator Obama and Senator Biden on their winning the Democratic nomination, Obama's reaction to McCain choosing Governor Palin as his running mate was disgusting. Here is Obama's statement:

Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Former Mayor? I'm surprised he didn't just say "former runner-up to Miss Alaska", since she was that also.

Sarah Palin is a governor. That means, unlike senators Obama and Biden, she has governed. She is also a woman and that must be just killing the Democrats who were glad Hillary was not on the ticket.

For all their bluster, the Democrats are not the party of inclusion at it's highest levels. Howard Dean's comments aside. Who among the party leaders is a woman or a minority besides the failing (and flailing) Nancy Pelosi? Yet it was a Republican who named a minority Secretary of State - twice and it was a Republican who named a minority as the Attorney General and it was a Republican who nominated a minority to become a member of the Supreme Court.

Look, I won't lie and say that McCain only chose Palin for her conservativeness. I am certain that he wants to woo voters who wanted Hillary Clinton. But that's politics. The fact of the matter is that Palin has been a popular and successful governor, she has turned against her own party at times when she found abuse in the state government and she is the governor of the most oil-rich state in the union. She would be a solid candidate for President herself, if she had chosen to run.

The Democrats will tell you (and they have already begun) she doesn't have foreign policy credentials. So? Does Obama? Why is it more important for a Veep to have them then a President? Besides, Senator Biden may have the credentials, but his policies have all been wrong (can someone say sectarian division?).

In Presidential politics, a nominee chooses a running mate for one of two reasons. To either help win a key battleground state, or to compensate for a weakness. Obama chose Biden because Biden has 27 years of experience. McCain chose Palin because he needed a staunch conservative and someone to give new life to his campaign. Unfortunately for Obama, the Biden appointment rang like a dull thud, causing only a slight bump in the polls - even after the convention ended. By choosing Palin, he has engaged his base and from the comments I have been reading in the blogosphere, has hit a home run. Those Republicans who were still harboring resentment for McCain's crossing the party lines (immigration, global warming, McCain/Finegold), are now coming back around.

Yesiree, looks like the game is back on.

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