Monday, September 08, 2008

Someone please explain to me why the Bush administration (and every other administration before it) continues to prop up the so-called "Palestinians"? According to an article published in today's Jerusalem Post, 75% support kidnapping Jews in order to further their terrorist agenda.

If there is such a thing as a moderate Pali, I have yet to see it.


I am not an Obama supporter. But even I don't think he was trying to trick anyone with his gaffe about being a Muslim. It was clearly a slip of the tongue and even though I have right-wing sympathies, I can not stand for such stupid smearing.

Clearly, Republicans are as capable as Democrats in the smearing/ugly rumor front. Although they clearly aren't as good at it.

This goes for Bill O'Reilly as well. I don't often watch his show. But when I do, I am generally impressed with the guests he has on. While he clearly is a conservative, he does allow many Democrats to speak their opinions (even if he disagrees with them). However, as much as it may pain me to say this, I believe he was being very hypocritical regarding his stance on Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

While I believe that it is a family matter and that there are distinct differences between Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears (Jamie Lynn is an actress who had set out to be a role model through her acting roles, while Bristol Palin has been thrust into the spotlight by the actions of her parents), O'Reilly should be more consistent. His angry attack on Spears when she got pregnant was out of line at the time. He shouldn't have it both ways. At the very least, he should have not discussed it at all.


One of the Democrat's talking points this week has been the rise in unemployment. Last week, the government announced that unemployment claims had risen to 6.1%. In fact, Obama seized on the job numbers to push his plan for $115 billion in federal stimulus. Per the Wall Street Journal, it would include $65 billion in rebates for middle-class earners and $50 billion divided between infrastructure spending and money for states and local governments. Democrats are expected to propose something along these lines when Congress reconvenes Monday.

However, when you look more closely at this, you begin to see why Obama's plan may be counter-productive (to say the least). It seems that the unemployment jump is largely due to the amount of aid given by the federal government.

Lou Crandall, chief economist at Wrightson IPAC in Jersey City, New Jersey, said, "People reclassified themselves as a result of moving onto the job rolls for the supplemental program."

What that means is that unemployment benefits have caused more unemployment. Paying out more benefits will cause a further increase in unemployment. Of course, that won't affect him until after he has already been elected.


Is the mainstream media biased? Well, the head honchos at NBC have gotten that message and they don't like what it is doing to their brand. Apparently, both Keith Olbermann and "thrill up my leg" Chris Matthews are out as lead anchors for their election coverage.

Now I don't believe this has anything to do with bias, per se. I don't believe for a minute that the folks at GE had a "coming to Jesus", so to speak. What I do believe is that they saw that catering exclusively to the angry left has been a losing proposition, and nothing more.

It is heartening to know that capitalism still works.


As I have said before, I am enthused by the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President. As a conservative, it makes me feel much more secure in the hopeful Presidency of John McCain. It seems very clear to me that this completely took the Democrats by surprise and that also causes me to question their leadership abilities.

I believe that the Democrats are very much on the defensive. The problem for them is that they do not do very well in this position. Hopefully, now that many in the mainstream media are starting to recognize their own complicity in the smears of Governor Palin (not everyone in the media, unfortunately), they will begin to take a more critical look at Senator Obama as well. I am still not at all happy with how little coverage there has been in regards to his past - most notably, his failures in the Illinois state senate (have you seen the district he represented?) and his relationships with William Ayers and Khalid al-Mansour.


On the lighter side of the news, I was very impressed with the Cowboys 28-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns yesterday. The offence was in mid-season form and while he had all day to throw due to a terrific front line, Tony Romo was deadly accurate. Furthermore, any time you hold the explosive Browns offense to just over 200 yards and 10 points at home, you've done a remarkable job. Even though they won by 18, take away one bad pass and the fact that they ended the game by kneeling inside the Cleveland 20 and it could have been much worse for the Browns.

I do feel bad for the New England Patriots. Ok, no I don't. But I do feel that Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the game and clearly will be missed this year - especially by me, since he is the cornerstone of my fantasy football team. Oh well, so much for a repeat championship (for me).

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