Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chicago is the murder capital of America.

In the past year alone, over 400 homicides have been committed in the city where Obama has his "experience." 400 lives have been stopped short in a town which has been served forever by a Democrat mayor, city council and governor.

Of course, the most recent murder was of the mother and brother of singer Jennifer Hudson.

But why is it, I have to ask?

Chicago, in many ways is a beautiful, cultural town with the finest parks, museums and entertainment. The city overlooks the very picturesque Lake Michigan and aside from New York, has the most vibrant downtown in America.

I believe I know one of the reasons why, but unfortunately the mayor and the others in charge are too blind to agree.

Gun control.

Speaking in regards to the Hudson's murders, Mayor Daley once again used this moment to exploit his unyielding commitment to Chicago's seemingly unconstitutional gun ban. According to the Mayor, if we could only get guns off the street, murders like this would cease to happen.

As reasonable as that seems on the surface, it is beyond foolish. From the Wall Street Journal:
The alleged perpetrator of the triple-murder has a well established history as a trouble maker. At the time of the murders, the suspect in the case was out on parole for earlier convictions for carjacking and attempted murder. Published reports indicate that the alleged perpetrator was arrested in June of 2008 for drug possession. Amazingly, he was not sent back to prison for parole violation. Had he been locked back up, he would not have been able to commit the triple murder for which he is now being held.
Does the Mayor believe that this criminal would not have found a gun? As the old saying goes, if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will own them.

Murder is already a crime. Do you think for a minute that if we pass an anti-gun law that this animal would stop and say, "whoa, I can't shoot someone. That would be breaking the law!"

In what universe does the Mayor live in?

By outlawing guns, we are making our citizens sitting ducks. If this murderer knew that if he pulled a gun on someone, It was likely someone would put one right back in his face, he would think twice about committing the crime.

The same goes for school zones.

Look, I'm not advocating that every student pack heat. But in school gun-free zones, NO ONE may carry a gun. Therefore - as has been seen over and over again - any lunatic that decides to break the law (gee, why would he do that?) and start shooting up a school has the clear advantage that no one is shooting back. By the time the police arrive, even more students (and teachers) will have fallen victims to not just the animal with the gun, but the unbelievably short-sighted, and criminally negligent politicians who approved these asinine measures.

If you need to see an example of this, look no further that at the State of Israel. Almost every adult has served in the IDF and each have been taught how to use a gun. Gun ownership is almost universal in Israel. Could you imagine the carnage that would transpire should the Israeli government pass a gun-ban? How many lives have been saved (think back to the two bulldozer attacks recently) because Israeli citizens are armed?

Does this mean that there will never been another gun related crime again? Of course not. But this isn't a zero-sum game. Simply put, in the long run the number of lives saved will clearly more than offset the number lost.

Barack Obama knows this. I would think Mayor Daley knows this. Why do Democrats not accept this?

Tell us, Senator Obama. Where is the change that we can believe in?

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Allison Guerriero said...

When I worked at AT&T I was OBSESSED with the song "Magic" and I was playing it in my office, humming it after meetings...well my director picked up on that and suggested that they use it to the ad agency in a campaign called "Double O Info". And O O It's Magic wound up being the song used for the commercial - all b/c I annoyed my boss with that song. I still love it!