Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am simply amazed at the narrative coming out of the media these days regarding John McCain and Sarah Palin. I mean, how stupid do they think we are?

A few lunatics shout "kill him" at a rally and the press calls out the McCain campaign for an "escalation of rhetoric" or, as Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne says, it’s a mass movement of GOP crowds “gripped by insane rage?"

Are you freaking kidding me???

For the last 8 years, all we have heard is the raving lunacy of the left screaming every vile, slanderous and horrendous epitaph at George Bush, Dick Cheney and everyone else to the right of the political spectrum. Between the unhinged rantings of Keith Olbermann to the abhorrent rants from the Democratic Underground, and the Daily Kos, it is shocking to say the least that anyone would dare criticize the McCain camp of festering violence.

Where was the mainsteam media when pprotesters were shoving "Bush=Hitler" signs in our faces? Where were they when a small number of McCain supporters were harrassed by a menacing horde of New Yorkers who displayed their disapproval with a barrage of jeers and vulgar gestures?

Although I have known, as most everyone else in America has learned, that the mainstream media is in the tank for the Obama-Messiah, I really never believed they would go this low and this comtemptous.

Of course, these are the same folks who are digging through the garbage dumpsters to find a trace of dirt on Sarah Palin, yet say nothing about the fact that Obama has more secrets than a KGB agent. Absolutely disgraceful.

Even when Dan Rather's memos proved to be fake, the rest of the media reported it. Nowadays, I realize nothing matters to them if it shows Obama in a negative light. It's no wonder FOX News is rated number one in this country. It's also no wonder why the newpaper industry is dying as well. The sad truth is that these mediums are necessary for a thriving democracy.

But no matter. When the Democrats hold the cards - as in a filibuster-proof House and Senate - with a extremely liberal President, the one medium the right has left will be taken away as well. All in the name of the "Fairness Doctrine" - which hardly seems fair at all.

For more on this travesty, read Michelle Malkin's column here. If you value a free press as much as I do, you will read it and feel as disgusted as I do.

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Allison Guerriero said...

Nice! I agree and it's this stuff that has had me so mad for months...or years actually.