Friday, November 28, 2008

I am too outraged and numb after spending the day and night following the attacks in India. So instead, I will copy the posting by my friend, Robert Avrech, at Seraphic Secret:

Jew-Hunting in Mumbai


Last night, my heart sank as I watched an Indian commando raise his automatic weapon above his head and blindly spray gunfire towards Chabad House.

I turned to Karen and said: “That is not good, that is not how special-ops roll. Not the real guys.”

Spraying and praying in a hostage situation?

My head was pounding and I got all of two hours sleep last night.

As of this writing, Friday morning, we know that five hostages in the Chabad House are dead. The body count will probably be higher.

Islamo Nazis came to Mumbai and besides attacking major hotels, centers of commerce, and tourist attractions, they went Jew-hunting. Yes, in a city where Jews are about as rare as the Dodo bird, Islamo Nazis spent months in advance gathering intel on where the Orthodox Jews of Mumbai gather and pray, and when the time came, they struck at these Jews because they knew there would be no consequences.

They went Jew-hunting because the world has come to accept the murder of Jews as a legitimate political act.

They went Jew-hunting because Israel has displayed, in the past few years, a shameful degree of political and military stupidity.

They went Jew-hunting because the U.N. has signaled that Israel is a rogue state and the murder of Jews is a heroic act.

They went Jew-hunting because the international left has aligned itself with the genocidal Palestinians to such an extent that every act of self-defense by the Jewish State is labeled a war crime.

They went Jew-hunting because they knew there would be no payback—ever.

But now that the shameful Olmert-Livni government is, at last, come to an end, perhaps a new government will steer a fresh—actually an old—and necessary course.

For after the smoke has cleared, the bodies counted, the period of shiva properly observed, Israel must take stock of its situation and come to understand, once again, that she is locked in a life and death struggle with international terrorism, of which the Palestinians are but a small cog.

If they kill one Jew, Israel must retaliate and kill a hundred terrorists. If a Jew is murdered by Islamo Nazis, then every Islamo Nazi on planet earth must feel that he or she is a big fat target.

No more fear of using disproportionate response. The definition of war is exactly that, and only a leaky mind demands a policy of national security based on abstract notions of being nice.

The problem for Israel is that the Arabs count on the Jewish fear of the use of power. They also count on the Israeli left—surely the most delusional on planet earth—to enable inaction in the face of proudly genocidal Arab intentions.

Additionally, the Arabs do not fear or respect Jews or the Jewish state; they have contempt for Israel's reluctant use of power. And they prove their contempt every single day as they gather useful idiots from Europe and of course from Israel, in their skillful propaganda machine which works to undermine the very legitimacy of the Jewish state. This is Jew-hatred disguised as “mere anti-Zionism.”

Think of it, no other state on the face of the earth is faced with such unrelenting hostility. Sudan, and Rwanda, guilty of genocide, get a pass. Congo, locked in a barbaric civil war, has a death toll of 50,000 per month; no one cares. Liberia is a death machine so grotesque the MSM can't even write about it.

For too long it has been open season on Jews. During his disastrous tenure, Ehud Olmert enshrined inaction and appeasement as official doctrine. He and his government allow rockets and missiles to rain on Israel, and yet supplies gas, power and food to Gaza, to the very regime hurling these missiles. In short, the welfare of Gazans, the very people who voted for the genocidal Hamas regime, is, to the Olmert and LIvni regime, of higher value than the citizens of Israel.

The first and primary duty of government—any government—is national defense.

All else, is secondary.

Islamo Nazis, in a country of miliions and millions of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, sought out a handful of Jews, a minority of minorities, because they hate Jews, because they want Israel wiped off the face of the earth, and because they have absolutely no fear of retribution.

This calculus must change.

The long arm of Jewish vengeance must be felt in every corner of the world—or no Jew will ever be safe.

The Masai tribe, known for their bravery, live by a simple code: “He who goes forward into battle may die. He who retreats will surely die.”

Israel must stop retreating.

Or the Jew-hunting will never end.



It is our sad duty that it has now been confirmed that Rabbi Gavriel, left, and Rivkah Holtzberg were killed in one of the worst terrorist attacks in Indian history. Here, they're seen attending to the wedding of a local Jewish couple.

Full story at Chabad

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