Monday, December 29, 2008

There really is nothing I can add to what is happening in Israel right now. Anyone with an unbiased eye can plainly see what has transpired. After suffering through months of missile strikes against their citizens - even though there was an apparent "cease-fire" - Israel finally had enough.

A few days before counter-striking, the Israeli government warned Hamas to cease their barrage immediately, or face dire consequences. Hamas leadership openly mocked that announcement and even the major news organizations broadcasted Palestinian rallies openly supporting the missile strikes.

However, Hamas miscalculated. They assumed that as soon as Israel began fighting back that the US, Britain and the rest of the world would immediately call for Israel to hold back. They figured that as soon as some Palestinian children were killed, support for an Israeli invasion would dry up. After all, it has worked in the past.

But apparently, this is a different Israel. This is an Israel that was deeply embarrassed by their failure to defeat Hezbollah - even though logistically, Israel clearly damaged Hezbollah's ability to wage war. But in the propaganda battle, Israel fell woefully short.

Not this time.

And yet I am still amazed by many of my fellow Jews who have called for an immediate cease and desist. In Michael Lerner's Tikkun Magazine (I won't link to this rag), Lerner - a reform Rabbi of note - argues that since the missiles being fired by Hamas are harmless because they are "killing no one-because its rocket supplies are pathetic and incapable to reaching most Israeli cities."

First of all, bullshit!

These rockets are quite capable of destroying homes and lives, for one thing. Secondly, so what if it can't reach "most Israeli cities?" Should Mexico be off the hook if it just bombed El Paso? Would Britain hold back if another nation "just" bombed Brighton?

What kind of sick logic is that?

The children of S'derot and Ashkelon are having to live with the fact that they constantly have to go to fall-out shelters. Does "Rabbi" Lerner have any idea what that does to a child?

Once again, Lerner - and others like him - show the Arab world that the pain and suffering of a Jew is far less important than that of anyone else. These self-hating, liberal Jews are nothing more than insolent children who have no clue what it means to be a Jew. They claim they believe in "Tikkun Olam", but haven't the first idea of what that really means.

If they really believed that the Torah is the word of G-d, they would never be able to justify their own liberalism with their Judaism. As I have stated in the past, Lerner, and his faithless kind, are liberals first, Jews second. Being a Torah-Jew requires devotion to the word of G-d and adherence to the 613 commandments. It does not mean you can pick and choose which ones work for you.

The truth is out there. Hamas has stated over and over again it's desire not to have peace with Israel, but to annihilate the Jewish State. They do not care for the lives of their people, which is obvious when you consider that they place their rockets in residential areas. And while they hide behind their children, the leaders run to Damascus.

Such courage! Even the Egyptians are fighting to keep these animals out of their country. There is a reason why the Palestinians are still refugees. No one wants them. Not the Arabs or the Egyptians. Since they want death t befall the Jews, why should Israel want to help them?

And yet, they have. They have opened their borders time and again to give them food and fuel. They have given them electricity because for all the money the Palestinians have been given (by Israel as well as the US and the rest of the world), they have yet to build a power plant. They have yet to build a factory - or at least one that doesn't manufacture weapons.

All they have created is death and destruction.

CNN wonders about the "innocent victims" in Gaza. Who exactly are they? The ones who voted for these animals? When they voted for Hamas, they knew exactly who they were voting for. They voted for Hamas because they hate Israel and the hate the Jews. They voted for Hamas because they felt the best way to successfully destroy the Jewish state was by voting for Hamas.

Once again, they failed and while mental-midgets, like Michael Lerner protest and call for restraint, what they are really calling is for Israel to lose and be destroyed.

To Hell with all of them.


Seane-Anna said...

I say its time for Israel to push the Gazan Palestinians into the Sinai desert or the Mediterranean Sea and let their Arab "brothers" or the sharks take care of them. To Hell with all of them, indeed!

Allison Guerriero said...

This is what I wrote in my own blog post about this:

Maybe this would not be happening right now if Hamas had spent their money on schools, hospitals, medicines, roads and infrastructure rather than recruit terrorists. And maybe if they taught their children something other than the Koran (following every verse with "Allahu Akbar. Death to America! Death to Israel!") they could teach kids rather than indoctrinate future terrorists.

But then again, Shayne, I believe you are very well acquainted with my thoughts on the Palestinians...

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen brother!..Happy New Year hugssssssss from your friend in NYC!:)