Monday, December 01, 2008

A year ago, this month, we lost a brilliant man to prostate cancer. This man, someone I only saw from a distance, touched my heart and my soul like no other ever did before. His words and music were the soundtrack of my life and helped me appreciate the world and the beauty there inlay within it.

Of course, those who know me well know that I'm speaking about Dan Fogelberg. I tried to write a proper eulogy for him last year, when he succumbed to his disease. But like anyone who tries, I could not come close to fully acknowledging the loss I felt upon his passing.

But even now, that he has been gone a full year now, I am still amazed at his contribution to his fans, and certainly, to me.

I came across this video while searching for songs for my latest top 10 list and the timing of this find left me numb and speechless. This video was not sanctioned by Dan, but the person who created it was clearly motivated by the extreme depths of Fogelberg's talent and soul. The song, taken from his 1981 masterpiece, The Innocent Age is titled "Ghosts."

If you can not understand it's relevance in today's world - whether you are a Jew or not a Jew - then you truly have lost your innocence and I feel tremendous pity and sorrow for you. It's been 30 minutes since I saw this video and the tears are still flowing.


Anonymous said...

All of Dan's music were wonderful gifts from a truly gifted man. Why is it that so many feel the same about his music and that his passing on has felt like a kick in the stomach...A year has gone by and the grief is still with me. Miss the man so very much and I didnt even know him :(

Anonymous said...

just an FYI...its PROSTATE, not prostrate.