Monday, February 02, 2009

Don't have much time tonight, so I'll just answer a few questions:

Question #1 - Yes, I wanted the Cardinals to win and yes, I'm disappointed they didn't. But I thought it was a great game with two exceptions. Number one - James Harrison should have been ejected for his punching out the Arizona offensive lineman. Number two - why didn't the booth review that last fumble by Kurt Warner. From where I sat, it looked clear to me that his arm was moving forward. At the very least, they should have reviewed it.

Question #2 - I thought the best commercial was the ad for doritos where the guy throws the snowglobe. It was pretty damn funny.

Question #3 - Yes, I think the "stimulus"bill is nothing more than a way for the Democrats to consolidate power under the guise of "doing something." If you have an upset stomach and don't know what to do about it, cutting off your arm is "something." It doesn't mean it's the right thing.

This whole idea that spending government money will create wealth (Keynesian economics) is a proven failure. When it takes $100 to earn $100, you don't accomplish anything.

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readingjunkie said...

The answer to question #3 was very well stated and so very true!
Seriously the Dorito commercial instead of the horse in love by Budlight? I liked the one second idea that Miller used. haha