Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm not sure what part of the Obama presidency infuriates me more. Is it the unbelievably misguided and yes, cruel "stimulus" package that not only is bankrupting our future but now is reported to be just the first of perhaps other "stimulus" packages to come?

Are they insane??? These people must be stopped and must be stopped soon. 2010 can not get her soon enough. I have faith in the American voter and have little doubt that they will turn on the Democrats in the next election. Perhaps they won't lose their majority, but they should lose enough seats to stop this never-ending gravy train.

Is it the ridiculous made-up feud with Rush Limbaugh?

Puh-leeze! Rush sald nothing that almost over 45% of Americans didn't already feel. In addition, what he said was not mean-spirited. Simply, he stated that he hopes that Obama's plans (and of course, that would mean his Presidency) fail.

I feel the same way. I do not want what the chosen one wants for this country. I do not want his health-care plan, I don't want his socialist policies, I don't want abortion on demand, I don't want to bail out everyone who failed in business and I don't want to save the homes of people who had no business buying way above their means.

And that leads me to the third issue that drives me crazy. Obama's infuriating belief that he can bring peace to the Middle East by siding with the enemy.

Here's the latest - reported by WND:
White House Mum on Jerusalem Attack

JERUSALEM – Officials in Jerusalem are quietly scratching their heads in wonderment as to why the White House did not release an official statement condemning yesterday's tractor terrorist rampage here, the third attack of its kind in recent months.

Two police officers were lightly wounded in Jerusalem when an Arab tractor driver overturned their police car and drove it into a bus before being shot by police and an armed taxi driver. The terrorist later died of his wounds in an Israeli hospital.

The attack with a Tractor came less than 18 hours after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly protested as "unhelpful" the planned bulldozing of more than 80 Jerusalem Arab homes built illegally upon Jewish land in Jerusalem.

Usually, following any terrorist attack in Israel, the White House like clockwork immediately releases an official statement condemning the attack. But this time, no statement was forthcoming from either the White House or Clinton's State Department.

Speaking to WND, a White House spokesman would only confirm he was not aware of any statement regarding the attack, but he would not speculate as to why the terrorism wasn't condemned.

A bulldozer rampage occurred while President Obama visited Israel as a presidential candidate in July. At that time, he slammed the attack, which killed three and wounded dozens more.

"I strongly condemn this attack and will always support Israel in confronting terrorism and pursuing lasting peace and security," Obama told a news conference.

But not this time.

So apparently, it's more than ok for Arabs to build illegal settlements in Israel, but G-d forbid a Jew should legally own a piece of land in an area that was conquered after being attacked in the West Bank?

The reason why the Arabs get away with this nonsense is because the world has bought into the propaganda that an Arab/Muslim is far more valuable than an Israeli/Jew. Look around the world and you will see many, many examples of this kind of stupidity (just add up the economic, social and scientific contributions between the two). For example, the United Nations singles out Islam as something that may not be criticized, but says nothing about the madman in Iran who calls for the extermination of Israel and the Jews. Textbook in Gaza and the West Bank - that are paid for by the United States and Israel - teach Jihad and hatred of the Jews. But publish a cartoon - A FUCKING CARTOON - and theirs blood in the streets.

And yet, through the feckless and worthless UN, we are told that Islamophobia is as dangerous, if not more so, than antisemitism. Again, it just proves how unhinged and brainwashed these goat herders are.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Anti-Semitism and "Islamophobia" cannot be equated. Nobody wants to exterminate all Muslims or wipe out an Islamic country. Nobody blames all Muslims for every evil in the world. Just looking at what is written and published about Israel and Jews by Muslim institutions and in many Islamic countries highlights this fundamental difference. In Germany, this means police have to protect Jewish kindergardens, schools, institutions and synagogues around the clock. In contrast, anti-Islamic terrorism is virtually non-existent in Europe. Read the whole article here

And Obama is buying into this view, hook, line and sinker. It's bad enough that he has to pick a fight with Rush Limbaugh - especially in light of the many, many Democrats who openly wished President Bush failure during his term - but by doing so, he's pulling a play out of the Bill Clinton playbook.

Remember Monica Lewinsky? No one will ever convince me he didn't send missiles into Iraq in order to move the press away from Monica-gate. Obama is doing the same thing with this stupid, petty (and certainly beneath the office) argument with Limbaugh. Just like Obama did when confronted by Joe the Plumber. It never mattered whether or not Joe was really named Joe, or if he was a licenced plumber. No, the issue was Obama's plan to redistribute the wealth of the nation.

He was vilified by the press, investigated (illegally) by the government sworn to protect him and made into a national joke. Yet he was right on the money. If you just open your eyes and see, you will know that this is exactly what Obama is doing. As far as I'm concerned, by calling this a "stimulus", Obama is doing nothing but stealing the nation's money and giving it to whomever the hell he feels like it.

So let's check the score...

Treating enemies as friends and friends as enemies? Check.

Redistributing the nation's wealth? Check.

Contributing to the downfall of the family unit? Check.

Acting like an incompetent, petty and vindictive adolescent? Check.

Failing his country? Check, check, check.

What a horrible joke.


Allison Guerriero said...

Honest to G-d I believe everything you are saying; but Rush was totally predictable. They were just waiting for an excuse to pull the trigger.

I do, however truly believe that Nancy Pelosi id the ring-leader here, not President Obama. I really do think that he would be much more inclined to govern to the center if there were a Republican Speaker.

One think that I do find encouraging that Obama did is send the Joint Chiefs to assess the Mexican border. Another is that he is taking Pakistan much more seriously as a threat than Bush seemingly did. I think he is advised by Republicans in matters of national security. He takes their recommendations seriously; so when the Republicans take back the House and Senate and Nancy Pelosi is a not-so-fond, distant memory we're going to start seeing him making less radical decisions on the all the things you delineated above that you "don't want". Yeah, I don't want them either.

Allison Guerriero said...

Oh! I didn't mean to make so many typos.

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