Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things going 'round my head

I didn't vote for Obama, but if I did, I'd be kicking myself right about now.

Does anyone in Congress really believe Barney Frank is competent?

Does anyone in America really believe Nancy Pelosi is acting in this country's best interests?

Now I know all you Obama fans still believe he is a bright, intelligent leader who can handle any crisis with grace and ability. But seriously, what makes you think that?

I mean, what has he yet done that would make anyone believe he knows what the heck he's doing?

If he is the great intellect his followers think he is, then he is far more sinister than I would have thought possible. And if he isn't sinister, then he's simply way, way over his head.

Why is it that Obama bends over backwards towards our enemies (Iran, Syria, Hamas), yet punishes our friends (Israel, Poland, Mexico)?

Why does Obama say we can not reward failure, yet nominate a former Freddie Mac executive to head the Federal Housing Commission?

Now that we've begun to see things like the AIG tour bus and the "Jail the rich" protests in San Fransisco, isn't is painfully obvious that the Obama election has brought upon us a class-war in this country?

Do we really want to "jail the rich?"

After watching the losers who cried over the election - saying that "I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage” - I now no longer doubt that many Americans would prefer a socialized America. Unfortunately, too many people have either been indoctrinated in our public school system (where history is more fiction that fact), or they are too ignorant to understand why (or how) the United States became the wealthiest nation on Earth.

These idiots, many of whom are still wealthier than 90% of the World population, can simply not understand that it's better if everyone becomes wealthier - regardless if someone gets more than another - than for everyone to be equally poor.

I have no idea if President Obama accepts that premise and in truth, any American who doesn't should not be in the position of power that Obama is.

I never, ever thought I would say this, but I'm beginning to believe that Jimmy Carter was a better President than Obama will ever be. While Carter was a disaster, his presidency was not fatal. I fear than while the US won't necessarily end during the next 3+ years, his decisions and vast errors will be so irreversible that it really won't take very long for the end to come.


Allison Guerriero said...

Two years, Shayne...not even that long. Even the Dems are jumping shit. So I am very hopeful that we will get a fiscally conservative Congress in 2010!

Ethan said...

I think its really too early to say if his policies are a failure. Please, it took us 5 yrs to find out that the most recent Bush was a failure. Although, Pelosi and Frank are despicable, that shouldn't reflect on Obama's policies.

On Iran and Syria, just b/c one wants to talk doesn't mean that you are rolling over on your belly for them. Obama tried with his video overture to Iran and was rebuffed, ok, now we move on and continue pressing sanctions just as was Bush's policy.