Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm going to ask this a succuinctly as possible. According to this article, the US government is going to buy 17,000 automobiles from US car makers to "help boost the economy." Excuse me, but who is paying for it? The American taxpayer, right? So while this helps the auto industry but adding money to their pockets, it's money that (and follow me here) that comes out of our pockets as well. Isn't this just robbing from Peter to pay Paul? How does this help our economy?

I'll explain - if you have $100 and you buy something worth $100, you end up even. But according to Omanomics, if you spend $100 you somehow have boosted the economy to $150? According to Obama, and he really said this, the more we spend, the more growth we have. Well, that only works when we are creating new growth, not moving around existing dollars. Why doesn't he (ar any of his sychofants) get that? I mean, it's basic economics.

Unfortunately, I have the only theory that explains this. In general, this plan would be unheard of and simply unreasonable, and it's hard to imagine so many in government are stupid. Which means there must be another agenda. I believe that we should take Rahm Emanuel at his word when he said "“Rule 1: Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

With the economy struggling, here is an opportunity for Obama to expand his power and the size of government in a way he could never hope to had we not had this economic turmoil. Unfortunataely, given what we know about how Chris Dodd and Barney Frank (as well as Obama by recieving the second highest amount of donation money from Fannie and Freddie), I am left believing that this economic collapse was planned specifically in order to steal this government for the Democrats.

How else can you explain how unbelievably villified President Bush was for doing the exact same things that Obama is doing and getting praised for?

We were duped, America. Of course, many of us saw this all along. But the Democrats saw Barack Obama and realized that he was the perfect face (and I mean that racially) for the moment. They knew that every time they ran one of there top guys (Kerry, Dukakis, Mondale) that most Americans wouldn't even look their way. But by finding a "light" African-American, one that wasn't "too-black" (which would scare off middle-America), one that spoke eloquently (although with a teleprompter), all they would have to do is not get caught up in the details. All they would have to do is stay on some vague message of "hope and change" and they could actually pull this off.

My friends, this was in the making for years. The whole thing. From when they started screaming of "stolen elections" until they finally wore down the nation with all the Bush=Hitler, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo garbage (and it is and was simply garbage) to the point we all started to believe the nonsense. All of it was part of the plan. After all, isn't that what Marx taught about destroying your enemies?

Yes, I said enemies. Because to a liberal, the enemy is not Al Queda. It's not Fascism or Communism. It's not Arab supremacy. No, to a liberal the enemy is conservatism. The only tough part for the liberals was the fact that many Democrats don't feel that way. That's why when you say this generalization to them, they argue that it isn't true. And it isn't to many in the center to center left.

But the center left are no longer the standard-bearers of the Democrat Party. The far left have stolen that mantle from them as well. The likes of Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and yes, Barack Obama, have somehow convinced the center-left that their way is the way.

Now, in truth, I don't know how interested many of the center left was in knowing what was really happening. Since we are fully in the MTV generation, where more people care about the latest news about Julia Roberts than they do about John Roberts, I feel rather certain that it didn't take much to convince middle America that Bush is evil and the devil incarnate. Add to that mix the overwhelming support of the black community - and please know that I understand their infatuation and desire to see a black person as President. I know that when Joe Lieberman ran for Veep, I was also swelled with pride over a person of my religion was in such a position.

So back to my question (maybe it wasn't so succinct). Why are we buying into this crap?

Obama is clearly not an economist. In fact, aside from a law degree (and I know some attorneys I wouldn't even shake hands with) and having a pleasant demeanor, what has he accomplished? Getting elected? So what? Heck, Richard Nixon and Barney Frank got elected! What else?


Let's look at where this country is after 100 days of his leadership. All that's been accomplished is the further reduction of Wall Street, and the villification of the greatest source of revenue and growth the world has ever seen.

Secondly, he changed the term "terrorist" to "enemy compatants" and the "War on Terror" is now the "Overseas Contingecy Plan."

Oh my. Osama Bin Ladin must be shaking in his boots.

And now, we are being held hostage by...PIRATES???

While Obama goes around apologizing for all the horrible things we have supposedly done around the world, as if being the the shining example of freedom and democracy and saving most of the free world from the horrors of Naziism and Communism is a horrible thing (wait, fighting communism was wrong - just ask all of those Democrats who were were worshipping at the feet of Fidel Castro this past week), Iran and Notrth Korea are escallating their military and nuclear abilities.

Obama knows this and yet for some very wrong reasons perfers to spend his energy dictating to Israel. I'm telling you, if there were a bucket in the Oval Office, it would be on Obama's head. I was worried that an Obama presidency would set us back to a September 10, 2001 mindset. Then, I thought he was setting us back to 1979 and Jimmy Carter's failures.

But I stand corrected. What Obama is doing is setting us back to 1775!

I started to thing that just maybe the Republicans can send Pelosi and her gang back to sidelines in 2010. Now, I wonder that if they don't, will there even be a viable country worth saving in 2012.


Greta Perry said...

Make it stop!!!!

Greta Perry said...

Spending my tax dollars & bog Government. It is making me crazy!

Shayne said...

It's gonna get a lot worse before it ever gets better, I'm afraid. I truly meant what I said - I really think he's a buckethead.

Izzy said...

Wow. You know I do admire your passion and the pride you have in your country, albeit not in its bucket-wearing leaders.
I don't know all that much about how the economy works, but even I can agree with you on what's going on here. And the whole "man of color" in office.. I KNEW it was all the scam! I think alot of people did, but the glimmer of hope that maybe.. just maybe this time a decent and genuine person would run the country was too great to ignore.
Still beats Stephen Harper. ;)


PS: By the way, my Seder wasn't all that it should have been. I'll be limited in my Blogging Freedom since the family can read it but we'll see. =)Happy rest of Passover.