Monday, April 20, 2009

Is anyone surprised that Obama was seen in a pleasant embrace with Venezuelan "President" Hugo Chavez? How about his bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia? Or his unabashed and embarrassing infatuation with the Iranian madman?

There are those, including someone I closely work with (no names, I wish to stay employed), who believe that it's imperative that America talks with these despots. After all, what has been accomplished by staying silent?

But this logic is seriously flawed. By showing "respect" to these thugs, Obama is giving them a platform as well as recognition - which equals acceptance - for their anti-West and anti-Semitic views. But even if you disagree, certainly you must be surprised to learn that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled his plans to come to the US because Obama refuses to meet with him.

If you are going to take the stand that open communications is a necessity, then how do you justify Obama's silence with Netanyahu?

Before you liberal heads explode, let me tell you. Because as you and I both know, Obama's interests are not the same as advertised. I'm not saying he wishes harm to this country. No, not at all. He just wishes America to be in his image. Unfortunately, his image of America is deeply flawed.

America is exceptional. There is a reason this country is what it is today. Without getting religious on you, understand that this country has become the richest, most popular and most admired in the world (at least the free world) not for what we've done, but because of what we've stood for.

While we have developed the world's strongest military, we've allowed our allies to grow lazy and weak - expecting America to save the day. Yet, when we do, we are vilified for it. America has saved more Muslim lives than any nation in the world. We freed the Muslims in Iraq, Kosovo and Kuwait. We've spent countless dollars and time in the Palestinian territories and even tried to help them develop (unsuccessfully) a free nation.

And what do we get for our troubles? We get a President who apologizes to the thugocracies of the world. We get a President who embraces the very people whose ideas and bloody hands have killed more people than even Nazi Germany. We make nice with psychotics who wish genocide on my people.

This is not a good President and it's not even a good human being.

When Obama's sycophants in the media argued that Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright were not people you should indict him on, I didn't agree. But they, and even some of my conservative friends all said, "let's give him the benefit of doubt."

When they said that Joe the Plumber was wrong and that it didn't matter what Joe said - whether he was right or wrong - just that he wasn't "officially a plumber, I didn't agree. But they, and even some of my conservative friends all said, "let's give him the benefit of doubt."

When Obama said he was giving a tax cut to 95% of the country, I knew that it wasn't possible (as it turned out, his idea of tax cuts actually meant no additional taxes, and even that was not true). But they, and even some of my conservative friends all said, "let's give him the benefit of doubt."

When Obama and his lapdogs said he has no desire to meddle in the boardrooms of American businesses, I doubted him. But they, and even some of my conservative friends all said, "let's give him the benefit of doubt."

Do you sense a pattern.

Here's more from my friend Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs:
Netanyahu Cancels US Trip After Obama Refuses to Meet With Him

Did Obama really think he fooled us with the Seder crumbs he threw at the Jews during Passover holiday.

Obama bow2

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday canceled his plans to attend the upcoming AIPAC summit, after it became clear that US President Barack Obama would not meet him during the conference.

Netanyahu announced that while he will not attend the conference in person, he will send a video-taped message to Washington.

Army Radio reported that the prime minister asked President Shimon Peres to represent Israel at the summit, scheduled to take place in Washington in the beginning of May. (story here)

Chavez obummer

Chavez government sponsored anti-semitism.
After seeing how NBC and her satellites attacked middle America and the thousands of tea parties that erupted around the country, I have little doubt any longer that NBC (and MSNBC, of course) are in cahoots with the Obama administration. How else can you explain that NBC President Jeff Zucker (no relation, thank goodness) demanded that his people "lay off" the President?

Here is a video from the O'Reilly Factor that goes more in depth. Even if you hate O'Reilly, listen to the message. He isn't the one being interviewed. The two gentlemen who are know this industry well and should be considered:

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