Monday, May 18, 2009

And so Obama's demands are seen. As predicted, the State of Israel has been warned. The question now is, will Netanyahu hold true to his word and tell Obama that America does not dictate what Israel must do - especially since very few in the Jewish State believe Obama has Israel's best interests at heart. Or does he do what Obama demands and succumb the sovereignty of the nation he was chosen to lead?

I'm especially troubled by those "pro-Israel" Americans who believed Obama when he said he was committed to Israel's security. The only thing Democrats are committed to is getting re-elected. Just like during the Vietnam War, when the going got tough, the Democrats gave up. In Iraq, when the going got tough, Democrats said all was lost and wanted to desert the Iraqis the way we deserted the South Vietnamese.

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. And yet, these same "Pro-Israel" Americans (I put that in quotations because I do not believe they really know what it means to be truly pro-Israel) still excuse Obama because - and really there is no other reason than - because he isn't Bush.

Since his inauguration - about 100 days ago - President Obama has managed to:

1. Free up taxpayer dollars so people in Mexico can kill their unborn babies easier.
2. Place a tremendous financial burden on our children and grandchildren that may end our Independence as a nation.
3. Courted leaders of rouge nations to the embarrassment of our citizens.
4. Left the Poles and other Eastern European nations in the dust and reneged on a vital promise to protect them from Russian might.
5. Put into motion the nationalization of our banks and auto industry.
6. Removed a private citizen from heading a publicly traded company.
7. Refused to allow banks to repay TARP money in order to continue to control them.
8. Insulted the Prime Minister of our closest ally (Great Britain)
9. Insulted the Queen of England
10. Embarrassed the country with his self-promoting gifts to foreign leaders.
11. Badly damaged the morale of our intelligence agencies.
12. Chose a cabinet full of tax cheats - including one to head the IRS!
13. Chose someone to head the CIA who had not one iota of experience or knowledge of the organization.
14. Prostrated himself at the feet of the leader of a nation whose own citizens brought down the World Trade Center.
15. Appointed a woman to head Homeland Security who had no idea where the 9/11 terrorists entered the country from.

The sad truth is that I could go on and on and on.

Now, just as expected, he's coming down hard on the one true democracy in the region. Instead of demanding the Arabs accept Israel - which is a basic right - he demands Netanyahu accept the suicide of the Jewish State. Exactly what has Obama accomplished in his life that would make anyone think he knows what's best for Israel?

Obama has filled his administration with people who have a history of hostility to Israel. Again, I will ask the one basic question that I have yet to hear an answer for - why is it okay for an Arab to live in Israel, but not for a Jew to live anywhere but inside the Israeli borders.

The problem, as I see it is that Israel has allowed this anomaly by accepting the Arab demands. For some very odd reason, the Arabs have a very high opinion of themselves. for a people who have accomplished little more than death and destruction, not to mention introducing the world to Jihad, suicide bombers and hijacking, they have accomplished nothing else by themselves.

It was a complete lie when Obama praised the accomplishments of the Muslim people in his inaugural speech. And this is part of the huge error Israel is equally guilty. The core beliefs of this religion is that every other religion and every other people are inferior to Islam and therefore, they will never have to accept compromise.

By giving honor to these people, you are recognizing their supremacy even if you do not mean to. Every time President Bush, or President Obama or anyone other world leader makes a statement praising Islam, Muslims don't feel especially honored - they feel as if the world leader is simply speaking truth to power. That is why, when someone comes along and insults Islam, he is guilty of blasphemy.

Islam teaches that ridiculing anothers beliefs are acceptable because those beliefs are inferior. That is why you will see not one Muslim protesting for Catholic or Jewish rights - although you will often see Jews and Catholics protesting for Muslim rights.

When Israel agreed to re-establish the PLO during the Oslo meetings, the Arabs didn't look at this as any gift from the West. They did not feel a sense of gratitude to President Clinton, or to Prime Minister Rabin. On the contrary! They felt that a wrong had been righted - regardless whether the west thought otherwise.

So when they refuse to accept Israel as a legitimate nation, they aren't holding out for negotiation. They will never accept it because they consider themselves above such petty things. To Islam,it's simple - submit or die.

There is no alternative.

No matter how many Arab countries Obama speaks at and no matter how many settlements Israel dismantles. It will never be enough.

Submit or die.

Obama - like Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagen and Carter before them - is not understanding the equation.

Submit or die.

All the talk of hope and change is meaningless.

Submit or die.

Although it was a Hollywood fantasy, I'm reminded of the film "Independence Day" with Will Smith and Bill Pullman. When President Thomas Whitmore (Pullman) sees the thoughts of the alien captured in area 51, he understands what they want.

Submit or die.

In the film, he realizes that the human race will not survive if they don't defeat the enemy. With Islam as well, we will never survive if we do not defeat them. For those Muslims who are not among the Supremacists, you can no longer sit on the sidelines and wait for the outcome. You are here in America - or wherever else you may be - and they have proven that you are just the same target.

Submit or die.

There is no "hope and change" in Obama. All these ideas and "solutions" have all been tried before - mostly to disastrous results. If Obama truly wanted to change things, he would instead of following the failed foreign policies of the past, he would recognize that he can not negotiate with an unwilling partner. He must make it known that America will not submit to religion that believes in its own supremacy. That the United States recognizes that the only think Islam has given the world is death and decay.

Until we stop proving to the Arabs their supremacy and start acknowledging our own, we will eventually either have to submit or die.


Ethan said...

This is going to be fun. In response to your mostly 10 lies about the Obama admin.
1. lie
2. and you solution would be, what, have Bush back who was mostly responsible for this mess?
3. lie
4. lie
5. see #2
6. as the elected leader of the 80%shareholder of the company, he has every right to
7. lie (the banks weren't stable enough)
8. embarassing yet, insulting no
9. concede this, but no one cares
10. no comment
11. lie
12. they are all tax cheats, his was the least of them
13. lie
14. lie
15. bingo, one correct

Shayne said...

Wow, Ethan. Either you've not been watching the news, or you just simply don't know.

As far as my "solutions" would be, I have stated all along tat just doing "something" is not a solution. It simply just makes other problems.

I would prefer that if the President was going to create a "stimulus" plan, it actually be used to "stimulate" the economy and not as an excuse to further his far-left agenda.

As far as the auto industry goes, I believe they should go through bankruptcy like every other company (which it turns out they probably will anyway, making the billions already spent worthless).

I implore you to show (instead of accuse) where I really am lying.

#1 - it was the very first thing he did as President.

#3 - Can be subjective

#4 - reneged on the promise Bush made to protect Eastern Europe from Iranian nukes. Obama instead gave in to Putin's demands.

#7 - That determination must be made by the banks. After all, they are private companies. Obama is not qualified to understand what is best for them. Neither are you.

#11 -

#13 - Panetta has no intelligence experience and was an outsider to the CIA.

#14 - Um, no it isn't. I watched the video.

So again, Ethan, where did I lie?

Ethan said...

Lets take point by point. I think I would have heard #1 on the news. Are you telling me that Obama gave taxpayer money to Mexico saying and I quote you "so people in Mexico can kill their unborn babies easier". An absolute lie Shayne. Are sure you are not a liberal?

Ethan said...

Ok #4, Obama has not abandoned the plan, but said if Putin put pressure on Iran to help stop their nuclear program, then the US would not need the plan anymore.

ok, #7, do you actually think the banks are capable of making the TAARP money decision? They screwed up the economy in the first place and have shown they are incapable and not trustworthy to make that decision. As head of the majority owned by the taxpayers, Obama has the authority to make that decision.

#11 and #13, Give Panetta a chance, the CIA had been badly mismanaged for years and was primarily responsible for ignoring 9/11 warnings and faulty WMD detection in Iraq. Maybe Panetta can lead them in the right direction.

#14, prostrate? that means to get on your hands and knees at someone's feet. The video showed him giving a deep bow. A sign of respect for a leader of a foreign nation? perhaps its a muslim culture thing? Don't know, but he did not prostrate himself.

Izzy said...

oh wow. I hate to comment in the middle of this... discussion.. but I for one admire Shayne's passionate and rather scary account here.

And the leaders only give in to muslim countries because they are scared of the repercussions. Those trigger happy bozos have shown in the past that they are capable of "reprimanding" the simplest things ( remember that whole muhammad cartoon fiasco where was it in Denmark?) For people with such "high opinions of themselves", they are quite susceptible. If you REALLY truly believe you are superior to everyone, then you wouldn't even grace any "blasphemy" against you with a reaction. (We should have blown the creators of South Park to bits by now. .. and Mel Gibson.. and Germany... etc.. etc.. herm!)
I know this is beside the point slightly, but they are like that as a people.. they are like that as individuals.. and like you said.. to those of them who don't agree with the "submit or die" mission statement of the movement... for G-d's sake!! Say something!!!