Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Everything that Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous..."

Jon Voight at the National Republican Congressional and Senatorial Committee's Dinner:

Another great line from his speech was, "I think Obama has no idea that Israel was built on the blood and sweat of the Jewish people - every blade of grass, every tree has been a successful effort because of the Jewish people understanding that they would have a safe homeland forever."

Then he continues...

"He could not understand this or he would know that the Jewish people have tried time and time again to give the Palestinians land and bring a peaceful solution. But every attempt - every attempt - was met with violence. The Palestinians use Gaza to attack Israel. As far as I'm concerned, their only agenda is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

And he (Obama) reprimands the Israeli people. Like he's the professor and they're the schoolchildren. I was embarrassed to watch his press conference with the great war hero, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has helped keep his country safe for many years. Obama sat there with complete arrogance that he is now the new American power - able to dictate what he thinks is best for Israel.

So how worried are we supposed to be now? Was I hearing things when he said Iran might have the right to nuclear power? Are we supposed to be sitting and waiting, watching for the possibility of a new Holocaust?Who is going to take the responsibility to keep Israel safe?

There was not one thing that Voight said that was untrue. When you add what Israel's Channel One TV reported today - that Netanyahu was told Tuesday by an "American official" in Jerusalem that, "We are going to change the world. Please, don't interfere." The report said Netanyahu's aides interpreted this as a "threat."

What upsets me the most are my fellow Jews who after all that has been said and done, still refuse to admit that Obama is turning out to be the absolute worst "friend" Israel has ever had. I'm beginning to think that if news came out that Obama blew up a bus of Israeli schoolchildren, these Jews would praise him for his ability to detonate an explosion.

I understand that your liberalism comes before your Judaism. But what these Jews are doing does have a precedent. It's eerily similar to that actions of the Jews in Germany when the Nazi's first came to power (no, I am not making a Hitler=Obama comparison), or going farther back, this story reminds me of the biblical Jews who built the golden calf.

So blinded by their own liberalism, they ignore reality in favor of some utopic fairly tale. Hopefully, they will not finally awaken from an Iranian nuke.

Unlike the President, I'm not arrogant enough to tell the Prime Minister of Israel what he needs to do. Unlike Obama, Netanyahu experienced enough in modern world history to understand exactly who the bad guys are. It us clear to anyone who wishes to see it that Obama will pull out all the stops to ensure Bibi's failure. However, what Obama fails to realize (among the very many other things), is that the more picked on Netanyahu is (by the administration), the more popular he becomes in Israel. Unlike the American President, Israelis know too well how disastrous appeasement policies can be and they elected this government because they felt that the more Centrist Kadima party would not keep them safe.

Today, many Israelis look at Obama and they see all that's wrong in the world. They don't mind the "us against the world" mentality because they have lived it their entire lives. For this reason I really do believe that Bibi will eventually prevail and Obama will continue to look like a false Messiah.

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