Monday, June 01, 2009

From the very beginning, I feared what would happen to Israel in an Obama presidency. Sadly, I'm seeing my fears come true. This isn't some hyperbolic rant espousing conservative values, nor is it a platform to criticize the Democrat Party, although they are culpable - given the blank check they've so far given Obama.

On the contrary, what I am about to say is what I truly believe is perhaps what will turn out to be the worst mistake Obama is making and how damaging - perhaps permanently - this policy is.

To understand what the proper way to go to exact peace in the Middle East, certain realities must be understood. These realities are at the very heart of the conflict, and are:

1. In 1948, the United Nations voted to accept Israel as a nation.

2. From the time of Joshua, the prophet, there has been a continuing Jewish presence in what is known today as Israel.

3. Prior to Jewish immigration in the latter part of the 19th century, Jerusalem was basically a dried up ghost town with a small population consisting of Arabs, Druze, Christians and Jews.

4. Prior to 1964, when the PLO was formed, not one Arab considered Jerusalem to be the "3rd holiest site in Islam."

5. There never was a nation called "Palestine." In fact, the term "Palestinian" was coined in order to label the Jews in region prior to 1948.

More currently:

6. Following the Six-Day War, Israel offered the entire territory it won in that war back to Egypt, Syria and Jordan, in exchange for a lasting peace. They were turned down repeatedly.

7. Since that time, every Israeli Prime Minister has made making peace with the Arabs his/her number one priority.

8. 1n 1993, According to the Oslo agreements, the Arabs were to cease their instigation of violence - which included recognizing Israel's right to exist, as well as changing out all textbooks and lessons teaching violence against Israel and Jews. To this day, they have not. However, Israel turned over a large swath of land to the Arabs, as per their half of the bargain.

9. In 2000, Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat all that he demanded in exchange for peace. Arafat declined and swiftly launched the second Intifada.

10. Last year, Ehud Olmert offered Mahmoud Abbas even more than what Barak offered Arafat - including East Jerusalem and the return of Arab refugees into Israel. Abbas refused.

So tell me, President Obama, what the hell are you doing? According to a report in today's New York Times, Obama is considering options to punish Israel, including abandoning UN support. Now realistically, the UN does not and has never supported Israel. But what this means is that the US will no longer have Israel's back.

Why is Obama doing this? Because, like those of his cabinet (many who have openly been hostile to Israel in the past - what? Did you really think Obama was being honest when he said he was pro-Israel?), the worldview of these people is completely skewed. I don't know if this is because of anti-Semitism, or just plain anti-Democracy. But whatever it is, they have it completely backwards.

According to the President, the Middle East crisis is due to Israel's refusal to make peace with her neighbors. But as we have learned from the list on top, that is as far from the truth as can be. Unfortunately, Obama has fallen hook, line and sinker for the Iranian claim that if only Israel were to give in there would be peace.

What I find most unfortunate is that Obama and his administration seem to be completely ignorant to history. It's as if in Obama-land there is B.O. (before Obama) and Now.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu came to meet with the President, he was told that it would be Obama's way or the highway. Aside from this not being the way to talk to friends, it's no way to talk to another country. G-d forbid Obama would ever tell Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan (or any other miserable thugocrisy, that's his way or no way. It simply will not happen.

So why is he acting this way? Well, I have two theories. Number one, he does not like to play fair. If you look at his history in electioneering, Obama has sailed through by not only attacking his opponents, but by absolutely destroying them to the point they have had to drop out of the race. Given this arrogance (and we know he is extraordinarily arrogant), Obama believes that his way is the right way and refuses to accept that he may be wrong. Unfortunately for us, he has done very little in his life (aside from getting elected) to warrant any faith in his abilities.

Also, because he is a liberal politician and is charismatic, he has a very hungry press in his pocket.

The second theory is that he truly wishes to change this country into something vastly different. Forget about the past 233 years. According to Obama, this country has been arrogant (projecting much?), it's goal of spreading democracy and a better way of life is a bad idea and we do not deserve the riches afforded to the greatness that we are.

Apparently, he either ignores the fact that the entire world is far better off for America being a part of it, or he is too ignorant to understand it. If not for the United States, much of the world would still be living in the dark ages. But when a businessman makes a profit - even though because of his profit others profit as well, Obama still considers it unfair.

This is the Marxist way of thinking and while I'm not saying he is a Marxist, you must admit that Obama's vision for this country is pretty damn close. The terminologies, the silencing of critics and the takeover of private businesses are all similar to the Marxist world view.

Obviously, he can't transform this country overnight and I dare say he will be able to change it much at all. But slowly he is choking the financial engine that has made this country so enormously successful. His embrace of the global warming hoax is only another nail in the coffin. Cap and trade is another. Slowly, he is transforming what has taken over 200 years to create.

Everything that he stands for goes against what this country has stood for in the past. And this goes for Israel as well. No longer do we consider Israel our best friend. Obama seems to feel much more comfortable with the Hugo Chavez's of the world.

Doesn't it concern any of you that EVERY leader of a thugocracy welcomed Obama's election?

Israel is not doomed because Obama is not the Messiah. The Jewish nation will survive Obama and soon, he will be thrown out of office for incompetence. If not, this country will get what it deserves. I hope for our sake, G-d hasn't abandoned us.

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