Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here is an awful story about government inflexibility:

Clerical Error Has One School In Session For An Extra 34 Days This Year

School’s out for summer—except for hundreds of children in western San Bernardino County who, because of an administrative snafu, must make up 34 days of school this summer.

The fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders at Rolling Ridge Elementary in Chino Hills and Dickson Elementary in Chino exceeded the state’s requirement of minutes spent in the classroom, and the last day of school was supposed to be Thursday. But because of the complexities of state law and a clerical error on a spreadsheet, the Chino Unified School District will lose more than $7 million in state funds if classes end at the schools before July 31.

Here’s a run-down of the error in question:

Schools typically have one shortened day per week, allowing teachers to use the remaining time for planning and parent conferences. Under state law, these days must be at least 180 minutes, and the daily average classroom time over 10 consecutive days must be 240 minutes.

An internal audit in early May discovered that 34 minimum days had been 175 minutes at Dickson and 170 at Rolling Ridge, said district spokeswoman Julie Gobin. That adds up to a shortage of 170 and 340 minutes, respectively, which could be made up in one or two school days. But under state law, these too-short days do not count at all, meaning that all 34 must be made up to avoid a state penalty of more than $7 million.

Say Anything has more:

So now the taxpayers of San Bernadino County are on the hook for over a month of additional classroom time, which will require all the teachers and administrators and janitors normal class room time requires I’m sure, so that they can keep the $7 million in state funding all to fulfill some arcane requirement in the law that you’d think some bureaucrat or politician somewhere could waive in this instance.

Makes no sense at all.

But hey, let’s put these idiots in charge of health care!

It makes perfect sense to make an exception. But of course, because of the behemoth that is the federal government - with it's strong penchant for massive waste - this is likely to not be taken care of till after the fact (after a investigation that will undoubtedly cost millions of dollars in further waste).

The federal government is not competent to run the public schools, they are not competent to run Medicare and they are not competent to run Amtrak or the post office. In what world would we ever turn over the auto industry, the banking industry and now the health industry over to these idiots???


I haven't really decided what to think about the upcoming marriage between the Obama administration and ABC-TV.

On the surface, it is outrageous and if the Bush administration so much as thought of it, they'd have been rightfully excoriated for it. But since it's Obama who is the star, the mainstream media says nothing.

What surprises me is that since it is only being shown on ABC, why none of the other networks are up in arms. It would seem that the others would be jealous that ABC got this and would take them to task for it. Or so it would seem.

Apparently, since they aren't upset, they either are so enamored with Obama or they fear losing access to him. Either way, it's shameful. Furthermore, it is unethical and possibly illegal. But that is no longer a concern for the thug-in-chief, is it? If he isn't going to care that members of the Black Panthers intimidated voters in Philadelphia, and he isn't going to care that ACORN continues to receive billions of taxpayer dollars while being faced with multiple indictments of voter registration fraud, then he certainly won't care about breaking any ethical or legal law, now will he?

However, there is a silver lining. Unless it was on MSNBC, fewer people watch ABC than any other network and I would be shocked if it even won its time period. Even Obama's own supporters are sick of how much exposure he has received.

Personally, I think the outrage that will stem from his egotistical machinations will end up causing more people to look closely at his health care plan and understand that not only is it a horrible idea, but it will further bankrupt our nation.

And what is the point? So that 10 million people will have insurance? Is that so vital? It isn't as if they have no ability to seek medical care. But the numbers speak for themselves. Roughly 1/3 of those considered to be among the uninsured are so by choice. Another third are illegal immigrants. So instead of rushing to have all of us pay the bill and force everyone to be covered by the government, how about we just allow these indigents to go to the ER when they're sick?

Wait, isn't that what we're doing now?

If we fall for Obama's ruse, we will destroy the most advanced medical industry in the world. We will end up like Canada - where you can wait months to have a surgical procedure. Where prescription drugs are rationed, along with medical care.

Why the hell would we want that???

Some say we should emulate the Europeans more. Again, why would we want to do that? Their's is a dying continent - destroyed by its own dissent into socialism. Of course France has free health care. Why? Because they spend very, very little for military. And what would happen if we spent very, very little for military?

Well, for one, we wouldn't be able to defend France, or any other ally in the war against Islamofascism. And do you really think the mad Mullah in Iran, or the whack-job in North Korea will lay down their arms if America does?

Are you willing to bet your children's lives on it?

The world is a very scary place. While I suppose it would be Utopian for every American to have quality health insurance, it comes with an enormous cost. President Obama, like his failed "stimulus bill" (just ask his Vice President), doesn't want to debate it. He doesn't want you to read it. He claims there is no time and WE MUST ACT NOW!!!

No. We must not act at all. Acting is for children. It's time to listen to the grown ups.

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