Thursday, June 04, 2009

Here is an outstanding post by my Hollywood friend, Robert Avrech over at Seraphic Secret. Robert is really a victim of the reality (or lack thereof) that is Hollyweird. He is a successful screenwriter ("Body Double", A Stranger Among Us"), an orthodox Jew AND a conservative. Aside from his work at his website, he also can be seen at Andrew Beitbart's Big Hollywood blog, which is finally giving the closet Hollywood conservatives a forum to be heard.

Fractured Narratives

The left wing narrative goes something like this: Under President George Bush, America's image was degraded in the Arab world, and now President Barack Hussein Obama is rushing to the rescue—cinematic superhero anyone?— to repair these fractured relations.









Ring any bells?

In each and every country, America went to war to rescue Muslims.

America spent treasure and spilled the blood of her finest sons to assist Muslims.

But this simple truth has no legs because the truth is irrelevant to the left, and because the real issue is values.

The values held dear by Arab Muslim culture—honor, shame—have nothing in common with the values—freedom, democracy—held dear by America.

And there is Israel. The Arab Muslim world will not be satisfied until America abandons Israel. They are counting on Obama to fall in line and shaft the Jewish State.

With all their talk about resolving the Israeli Arab dispute, in truth, the Arab Muslim world thrives on this conflict, it's their excuse for being.

That's why Obama is suddenly playing up his Muslim roots. He wants the Arab Muslim world to know that he's a member of the tribe, a friend.

When we in the opposition suggested that Obama's Muslim roots might be something of a problem we were called racists.

Funny that double standard.

No doubt, Obama is more popular in the Arab Muslim world than President George Bush. Moral relativism goes a long way with academics and ruthless totalitarians.

And, of course, it was under President George Bush that Saddam Hussein—the man who killed and tortured more Muslims on planet earth than anyone else—was ousted from power, reduced to living in a hole in the ground, and then hung by neck.

The Arab Muslim world knows that Barack Hussein Obama will not depose any tyrants; they know that he can be appeased; they know that he represents no threat to backward and savage regimes; they know that his support of Israel was and is just a political fig-leaf; they know that as in Arab Muslim culture, Obama's flowery but empty rhetoric takes the place of reality.

President Obama will be in Cairo, Egypt tomorrow to deliver a—what else?— major address to the Muslim world.

Here's a clip from state sponsored Egyptian TV where Muslim cleric Muhammad Hussein Yaqoub delivers a major address about—what else?—the Jews.

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