Monday, June 15, 2009


Just because I know the obvious answer, these questions still need to be asked...

1. Why was Don Imus fired for his nappy-headed ho joke even though he apologized repeatedly, but Dave Letterman only makes a non-apology (and lied in his statement, saying he meant the 17-year-old daughter who wasn't even at the game) and gets to keep his job?

2. Why must conservatives be tolerant of people like Perez Hilton, but liberals are intolerant of Carrie Prejean? Don't they both have the right to a different belief?

3. Why has there been no investigation into the firebombing of Sarah Palin’s church?

4. Why is no one talking about H.J. Resolution 5, which calls for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment (term limits for the office of President). What would be the fallout if a Republican congressman proposed this during the Bush years?

5. Why did President Obama lie about Islamic contributions to the world? Why did he feel the need to remake history? Why is the media not aghast that he dared compare the systematic murder of 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis with the self-inflicted plight of the Palestinians?

6. Why should Republicans listen to "moderates," such as Colin Powell and John McCain? Every "moderate Republican" who had been elected since 1960 only served one term and was summarily defeated in his bid for re-election. Yet every conservative had won re-election (all three won by significant majorities in their re-election bid).

7. Why do people consider Mahmoud Abbas a moderate? That's like calling a winter day in Antarctica warm because the temperature only went down to -15 below. That's like saying GM had a good quarter because they only lost $480 million dollars.

8. Why does the government want to spend billions of dollars to ease global warming when we still have no idea that it even exists? Doesn't anyone wonder why Al Gore still refuses to debate the issue? Isn't anyone following the money?

9. Why does the New York Times still exist? Aren't they bankrupt? I know they are morally, but from all the dire stories about it, why haven't they realized the reason they are doomed? The same goes for Keith Olbermann and MSNBC.

10. Why is it okay to use the term Zionist in a derogatory way when everyone knows you mean Jew. That's like saying it's okay to call someone a socialist (in a derogatory way) when he's just a Democrat.

11. Why is spreading democracy arrogant? What exactly is so wrong about wanting everyone to have equal rights and freedom?

12. Why can't we drill for oil in ANWR? Why do Democrats believe we are only destroying the planet when we drill, and not China, Venezuela and Russia? Can't we do it cleaner then those guys?

13. Why does the mainstream media continue to promote the falsehood that there are 47 million Americans suffering from lack of health care when the actual number is less that 10 million? Consider the fact that according to the American Enterprise Institute, roughly 47% of the uninsured are illegal immigrants. For a real breakdown of the numbers, click here.

14. Why does Iran need nuclear energy? Aren't they sitting on the world's largest oil supply? Giving Iran nuclear energy would be like giving a shark a laser.

15. Here's one for the ages - why is it not okay to put psychopathic murderers to death but perfectly fine to abort a late term fetus? Yes I know their are exceptions. There are always exceptions. But to make it legal across the board is just horrific. I can't comment on the legality of abortion, just that I believe as long as it's legal, there will not be a need for "back-room" abortions. I'm of the mindset that once the fetus is capable of sustaining life on it's own (usually around 25-27 weeks) it should no longer be legal to abort. This is just my opinion folks.

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Allison said...

GOOD POST! I wasn't that into having this discussion with anyone b/c it seemed counterproductive. And I don'tt like the bashing and bad-mouthing of the left or the right...but now that you wrote this, I see it so much more clearly. And you know I am a true Republilcan, so I don't disagree. I just hope the true Democrats start to answer for themselves.