Friday, July 10, 2009

In case you were wondering whether the Obama administration really has our best interests (and the interest of our children). Here's your answer.

By the way, I design websites and while I'm not as proficient as these guys must be, I'm rather certain I can do it for about 1% of the cost.

But then again, I'm not an economist like Obama.

$18M Being Spent to Redesign Web Site


I like Ann Coulter. I really do. Yes, I realize she can be demeaning to liberals (and some RINO's as well), but she is very intelligent and has a true gift.

However, I don't often quote her here because too many people, once they see the name "Ann Coulter" immediately refuse to accept anything she says - regardless of the whether or not it's true (and it usually is).

However, I experienced something personally that she actually wrote about this week. Her article, "Forgetting Sarah Palin," describes this unnatural obsession the left has with the soon-to-be-former Governor from Alaska.

I've mentioned before the outrageous vilification of Palin before, but now that she's decided to step down, her detractors seem even more unhinged. Here's what Coulter wrote:

She's like the ex-girlfriend they're SO over, never want to see again, have already forgotten about -- really, it's O-ver -- but they just can't stop talking about her.

What's amazing to me is that to days ago, my boss and I had a similar conversation to the one Coulter describes here.

Boss: Did you know that Sarah Palin had never completed one position she ever had in her entire life?

Me: I don't really care. I'm not concerned with Palin right now. But I am worried about North Korea (we had been talking about the Norks missile test).

Boss: Well you should care about Palin. Boy I hope she does run for President in 2012. That way Obama is sure to win.

Me: Why are you talking about Sarah Palin? She resigned and she doesn't matter right now. Even if he still were Governor, big deal. The election's over.

Boss: I'm just saying. She really had to resign because those charges against her were getting too close. I bet they had something on her.

Me: No, she was just sick and tired of being the object of everyone's obsession and she felt she couldn't serve her state. Is that so hard to understand?

Boss (sputtering): What? What kind of crap is that? She was nothing for her state and only a right-wing idiot thinks she matters anyhow.

Me: Yeah, ok. Whatever you say. Again, I'm more concerned with the Norks and also Obama's failed economy ideas.

Boss: What? You think Palin could do better?

Once again, Ann Coulter understands the mind of a liberal. Kudos to her.


So Michael Jackson is dead. So what? It wasn't as if any of us were going out to buy his music anymore. It wasn't as if the sun isn't going to rise again.

He was a singer and a very talented dancer. But he was also very strange and quite possibly criminal. My friend Allison thinks perhaps his affliction was that he had a low IQ. You know what? That's possible. For one thing, how much emphasis was ever made in his education? I know he attended elementary school in Gary, Indiana and I assume he had some schooling in California. But he wasn't known for his brains.

How else can you explain his almost child-like innocence and demeanor? Often times, we mistake those who have a low IQ with those who are mentally unstable. Perhaps that's why he was the way he was.

But to speak of him as if he was the second coming of Martin Luther King, Jr. is simply ludicrous. We have been told, over and over again, how Jackson "broke the color barrier" in music.

He did no such thing. All that he did was fight to have his videos played in heavy rotation on the fledgling network. And do you know why other black artists were not in heavy rotation?

I'll give you a hint. I wasn't due to any racial blacklist. It was simply because very few black artists used the video media at the time. MTV, back in 1982, was rising in popularity, but it wasn't "there" yet. If there really were a racial blacklist, then black artists would never have dominated the charts as they had over the past 20 years.

Motown broke the color barrier way more than Michael Jackson could ever have hoped to.

But that doesn't jive with the rhetoric of Al Sharpton and Rep. Sheila Jackson (no relation). No, in order to promote their own agenda of race-baiting, they try and create a false image of a man who not only was no hero, but really was no longer black.

If Michael Jackson is the model for young black kids to emulate, then the black community should immediate accept their own demise. Jackson was no hero to the black cause and in fact spent much of his adult life distancing himself from it. Whether he bleached his skin or not, he certainly had his afro-centric features removed one by one. In addition, he married only white women and fathered (we assume) three white children.

Forgetting for a moment that he was an accused (more than once) child molester, he clearly was never proud of his black heritage. Is this the man the black community wishes to look up to?

As far as the molestation charges are concerned, I actually believe his to be innocent. If he's of anything, I'd say he's guilty of very, very poor judgement. Again, that would be the markings of a man with a low IQ.

But his dancing and is singing were superb and hopefully, when the dust settles, this will be his legacy.

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