Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Musings

Boy, I can not believe how deathly afraid the Liberals are of Sarah Palin. There really is no reason they would spend so much time and energy (and money - have you seen the latest ad criticizing her?) vilifying a woman who is no longer holding public office.

For those of you who support Obama - especially the Jews among you - are you sorry yet?

I don't know exactly when it happened, and it really no longer matters, but it is clear to anyone with half a brain that the Democratic Party has really become the true anti-Semitic party. Oh I know there are some pro-Israel Democrat politicians. But they are badly outnumbered. From where I stand, with the exception of Pat Buchanan, who is now just a media joke, the Right has Israel's best interests at heart.

Of course, it helps that the Left has moved far away from religious (true religious) beliefs. But I guess that can be expected in a group the places the government about G-d. The Libs talk about moving towards a more European-style way of life.

But why? Look at Europe today. Is this what we Americans really want? Oppressive taxation, low birthrates, and generally poor health care? and what about the fact that they are losing the battle against fundamentalist Islam?

Isn't the reason obvious??? Man disparately wishes to find meaning in life. As long as Europe has thrown away belief in G-d (oh, be quiet - you know it's true) and turned to socialism and belief in State, there is left a vacuum. The Muslims realize this and because of it, they are able to attract followers who are also searching for meaning. I'm not saying that there is meaning in Islam, not at all. From my perspective, it is a religion (at least how it is practiced by the Islamic Supremacists) that is based on war, death, conquering and true evil.

But like Nazi Germany, it appeals to the basic needs of the downtrodden with promises of glory and revenge. Socialistic complacency can never compete. The Democrats have proven time nd again that their beliefs are framed in the ideals of the European model, and also they believe that often the ends justify the means.

That isn't just socialism, it's totalitarianism. Nancy Pelosi AND Barack Obama, if given the power - which they nearly have already - would completely redesign all that our founding father's, our war heroes and everyone else lived and died to protect. As I warned back when the election was near, giving today's Democratic Party the power of a complete majority is the worst possible outcome that could be imagined.

Today, with the help of what may just be the first of many trillion dollar "stimulus" packages and the impending implosion of quality health care, by means of the unread Obama Health Care bill, we are realizing that this nightmare is coming true.

Unemployment is almost twice as high as it was during the Bush administration. Already, the Obama team has "corrected" themselves, saying that they didn't mean that the stimulus would actually stimulate the economy (which was exactly what Obama said it would do if we just hurried up and passed it - sight unseen), but now they say it only "stabilizes" the economy.

If by "stabilize" they mean cost thousands and thousands of more jobs, then yeah, I get it.

A government that lies to get their way, then goes back and deletes those lies, is not one that should be trusted to revamp health care. And if not for the shameful complicity of the mainstream media, perhaps more Americans would be aware of it. But instead, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and even to some extent, FOX, would rather focus on Sarah Palin and Michael Jackson then - G-d forbid - scrutinize the man who has been given the reigns of our government and economy!

It's enough to make you realize that G-d's hand must be in it. For there is no way so many of our fellow Americans are THAT blind.

If your blood hasn't sufficiently boiled over yet, here is a link to a post that will do the trick - Top Obama Health Advisor Supports Euthanasia: Wants Health Care For Non-Disabled "Participating" Citizens.

Here's another one - Democratic Senator: Why Bother Reading the Health Bill?

And one more - Assploding Irony Alert: US Leftist Group "Peace Now" Urges Senators Not to Sign Letter Encouraging Peace Between Israel and Arab World....


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