Thursday, September 17, 2009

Every once in a while, I add new links to this blog of websites that I enjoy. So tonight, I want to introduce you to a few of these.

Awkward Family Photos -- Quickly becoming one of the more popular sites, Awkward Family Photos ("spreading the awkwardness") features photographs that people send it that reflect their cheesy past. Whether it be old prom pictures, where the guy wore a mullet and the girl was pregnant, or of a family portrait, where dad clearly lost his sense of decency.

Emails From Crazy People -- Just as the title says, this site is dedicated to both written letters and verbal assaults from the strangest among us. It can be from someone's OCD cousin; making sure that the table settings be exactly to specifications for her "big day", to an email from the bank demanding the past due balance of $0.00!

FAILBlog -- This site is dedicated to the klutzes and the weird around us. Whether it's about a news story about a plane crash, where on the same webpage there is an ad for the very airline that crashed, or a video of some guy seriously failing at whatever he is attempting to do. This site has it all.

Hope and Change -- Perhaps my favorite new site. Hope and Change is a comic (usually 3 panels) that use the same technique for each strip. The theme is generally pro-Republican and is a humorous (very humerous) take on Obama and current events. Brilliantly done by Stilton Jarlsberg, MD - he is the author of the political comic compilation "The First 100 Daze," and he's "never more serious than when he's being funny."

I Had To Post This -- The byline is "crazy things parents say" and that is exactly what this is all about. Obviously, I can not vouch for the honesty of those who submit their parents' warnings, criticism or outright ridiculousness. But the site is definitely worth a see. Plus, you are encouraged to offer a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" for every post.

Next week, I will post more about some other new links I've added.

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