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Ten Great Songs From One Great Year

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Over the years, many of my friends and I have talked about the best songs ever written, or what our favorites were. I think, over the course of this past year, I have shared many of my favorites, as well as yours on this blog.

Now that this is the one-year anniversary of my “Ten Great Songs From One Great Year” list, I decided to open my memories a bit more and allow you to see exactly what the soundtrack of my life sounds like.

Over the next ten weeks, I will countdown my top 100 favorite songs – some hits, some misses – ten each week, until we reach number one. I’m sure some songs will surprise you that they ranked so low, high or even made the list at all didn’t). I can promise you that I paid no attention whatsoever to the songs charting success. These are simply my all-time favorite songs.

Here is the third week.



#80 When You're Only Lonely – J.D. Souther

I’ve always loved J.D. Souther’s voice and although he only released a few LP’s, his music can be heard on most of The Eagles’ albums. This was just a beautiful, heartfelt ode to the woman he loved.

#79 Blown Away – Jeff Lynne

It was not on purpose that so few ELO songs made this list. Jeff Lynne has long since become among my 2-3 favorite vocalists. Although ths song was not from an ELO album (it can be found on his “Armchair Theater” solo LP), it is pure ELO and one of my absolute favorites.

#78 That Girl – Glenn Frey

I was sad when I learned The Eagles had broken up and worried what the individual members would sound like. But between Don Henley’s masterpiece solo debut and Glenn Frey’s debut, we were treated to many more years of great music. This is my favorite of Frey’s solo work.

#77 Daniel – Elton John

In the 1970’s, no one was more productive (or flamboyant) than Elton John. This was always my favorite song from the very first LP I ever bought – "Elton John’s Greatest Hits". The passion in which he sings this song makes it seem so real to me.

#76 Afternoon Delight - The Starland Vocal Band

Summer lovin’ had me a blast…Who didn’t love this song in the summer of ’75?

#75 Melody – Andy Gibb

Before you say anything, number one – I liked the Bee Gees very much. Number two, listen to this song and tell me it doesn’t pull at your heart.

#74 Hold On – Santana

I’m not sure what it is about this song that I love so much. I’ve never been a fan of Santana and it really wasn’t a big hit for him anyway. But it just makes me feel like I can do anything and feel good trying.

#73 Zanzibar - Billy Joel

Summer of ’79 – walking down Collins Avenue (Miami Beach). When I sang the line “...and I’d steal it if she only gave the sign,” she grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek. Boy, the “Whoa” after that really came from the heart. (Thank you, T, for reminding me who I was.)

#72 This Guy's In Love With You – Herb Alpert

When you’re 8 years old, you really don’t know what love is. But I began to really understand it after hearing this song.

#71 Someone Like You – Daryl Hall

Like Jeff Lynne before him on this list, I am a big fan of Daryl Hall, along with his partner). His music is also under-represented on this list. But this song, taken from his solo LP “Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine”, is simply too powerful to ignore.

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As with the other 2 iterations of your Top 100 countdown, there are 3 songs listed that got me nodding my head. Of course, it would be no fun if I actually listed those 3 (or 9, to date)... ;-) Keep going!