Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ten Great Songs From One Great Year

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Over the years, many of my friends and I have talked about the best songs ever written, or what our favorites were. I think, over the course of this past year, I have shared many of my favorites, as well as yours on this blog.

Now that this is the one-year anniversary of my “Ten Great Songs From One Great Year” list, I decided to open my memories a bit more and allow you to see exactly what the soundtrack of my life sounds like.

Over the next ten weeks, I will countdown my top 100 favorite songs – some hits, some misses – ten each week, until we reach number one. I’m sure some songs will surprise you that they ranked so low, high or even made the list at all didn’t). I can promise you that I paid no attention whatsoever to the songs charting success. These are simply my all-time favorite songs.

Here is the fourth week.




#70 Seven Year Ache – Roseanne Cash

From time to time, I get into a mood for country music. Usually, it lasts just a couple of days and goes away. But in 1981, I loved this song so much (along with “Feels So Right” by Alabama) that I knew I was really hooked.

#69 Numb – Linkin Park

This is the newest song on the list and I even considered putting up higher, closer to the top 10-15 songs. Unbridled passion and emotionally painful lyrics are the key ingredients to Linkin Park’s music. This is (imho) the best of example.

#68 Hero – David Crosby

I was living in Miami Beach, waiting for that call from NCSY to tell me I got my dream job at last. It’s amazing how short our dreams last.

#67 Beach Baby – First Class

Ah, the cheese that was the Seventies. Maybe the fact I was 12 when it came out can excuse my love of this song. Just another of those summer classics from my youth.

#66 A Summer Song - Chad and Jeremy

This was one of the songs that bring back my earliest memories. It reminds me of being outside in Knoxville, when I was very little (maybe just 2 or 3 years old), with my sister. I don’t know where we were walking, but I knew I was safe.

#65 All The Time – Barry Manilow

Ok, I admit it. I’m a “Fanilow.” This song always spoke to me and actually reminded me of myself. Not a good feeling when you’re 16.

#64 Superstar – The Carpenters

In the same vein, I loved The Carpenters. Karen’s voice played in the background of my adolescence. Her vocals brought tears to my eyes even before I understood what love really was.

#63 Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) - Dan Fogelberg

Anyone who knows me knows how much Dan Fogelberg’s music meant to me. As a master storyteller, he captured in verse and in instrument the sadness, joy and the angst of live so eloquently and timeless. While “Same Old Lang Syne” was the most popular of his epic songs, “Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)” was the most powerful.

#62 The End of the World – Skeeter Davis

Similar to “A Summer Song,” this too brought back early memories from Knoxville. I know from pictures I wasn’t a very happy child, nor did I have a very happy childhood. Perhaps a telltale sign was the fact that I used to cry when I heard this song. I was all of 3 years old.

#61 Old Days – Chicago

I was a fan of Chicago (the band) for as long as I can remember. At 13 years old, they suddenly became one of my favorites. I don’t know why this song in particular moved me, considering I was too young to remember the “old days.” But it was the song that made me want to learn how to play the drums. Too bad I was never any good.


Odile said...

The first of your Ten with which I was unable to find even one song that appealed to me. Pressure is on for next week, Shayne...! ;-)

S said...

I'll do my best, I guess :-).

SEP said...

I'd forgotten about "Hero." What a beautiful song! And of course, "Tucson, Arizona" -- also one of my favorites by the sorely missed and woefully underappreciated Dan Fogelberg.