Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Around the News in a Day

Legal Insurrection has an excellent post today about how liberal women are starting to realize that attacking Sarah Palin is incredibly hypocritical. The Newsweek cover (which incidentally, the magazine did not own the rights to the picture - it was owned by Runner's World), was the final straw. Love her or hate her, she clearly scares the daylights out of the left. The liberals I know all claim they don't consider her at all, or if they do, it's only to point out how "stupid" and "inexperienced" she is (as if Obama didn't prove that to be meaningless).

But still, they talk about her. Her book is flying off the shelves and her interview on Oprah gave the talk show icon her highest rating in two years. And yet, the Washington Post still saw it normal (and oddly ethical) to have someone review the book, even though the reviewer admitted she didn't even read it. According the FOX News, during her book launch, the MSM ran 39 stories about the former Alaskan governor. 37 of them were negative.

Still wonder if the media is biased?


President Obama has made a big deal about how much he appreciates dissent, during his visit to China. Michelle Malkin asks, "how come he goes to so much trouble to stifle dissent in America?"

Good question. Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I forgot. To question is racist.


Speaking of good questions, here is Senator Lindsay Graham, speaking to Attorney General Eric Holder: "What happens if Khalid Sheik Mohammed wasn’t mirandized?"

This idea may be the dumbest one this administration has come up with - and that says something. Seriously guys, this is ludicrous. In fact, it may turn out to be the main reason Obama turns out to be a one-termer.

One of two things can happen here. Either he's convicted, in which case sympathizers around the world will scream that the fix is in - especially given Obama's comments today. Or, he will beat the rap, in which case there is no way the Democratic Party would survive the wrath of the public. Add this to the negative reaction he's receiving by trying 9-11 mastermind in the shadow of the Twin Towers, and I just can't see how this is a good idea for Obama.

Plus, where the heck is he going to find an unbiased jury in New York? Which leads one to believe that the defense will file motions to move the venue. So what was the point?

All in all, it looks like a naive decision. Unfortunately, this is far from his first.


You know, Al Gore is a lot of things. But in my opinion, he's mostly a snake-oil salesman, who deserves no mention on my blog. However, I could not pass up this opportunity to show just how ridiculous the former Vice-President is.

According to Mr. Gore, the temperature of the earth's core is "several million degrees." Now, I'm really not a scientist, but even I know that if the earth's core was that hot, the earth wouldn't be a planet, but a star. If the core were that temperature, we would never need to wear clothes again, since our skin would have long since burned off.

Uh, Al? The temperature, at the earth's core, is 5,000-7,000 degrees Celsius (9,032F - 12,632F).


From the "He Must Really Think We're Stupid" department, comes the story out of Washington that in the government stimulus monstrosity (, the Obama administration credited job growth in 440 districts that do not exist.

Okay, one, maybe two districts I can see. But 440??? Either they are completely incompetent, or they are terrible liars. You make the call. Regardless, even the website admits that they have no idea how many, if any, jobs were saved by the stimulus.

Don't worry, folks. It's just your children and your grandchildren who will be responsible for the $787,000,000. Besides, with interest (probably paid in Chinese currency), they'll be on the dole for a hell of a lot more than that.

Don't you just love the Chicago way of doing things?


Other bits of news going around my head...

Obama bowing to Japanese Emperor Akihito made me throw up in my mouth. Either Obama is a fool, or his protocol department is incompetent.

Is there any doubt in any one's mind that the The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's recommendation that women between 40-49 do not need mammograms was anything but a preview of what life will be like under ObamaCare?

Forget about what is right for the patient. Let's let a Washington bureaucrat decide what the patient needs. After all, when Washington calls the shots, you can be sure that it is what's most cost-effective - regardless of need.

I'll leave you with a little Israeli humor - courtesy of Don Surber:

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