Monday, November 02, 2009

Dallas Cowboys
& Zeroes
Game Seven
Dallas Cowboys 38 Seattle Seahawks 17

For the first time, in what seems forever, the Cows played two back to back solid games. While the quality of the opponent was less than it was a week ago, the quality of play was better. In fact, I can't even remember the last time the team had fewer penalties than their opponent - and none that really much affected any drives.

It was a good effort from start to finish, although if I could make one criticism, it would be that for the second week in a row (and the 4th time in 7 weeks) the defense allowed the other team to score on their first possession (although actually, Tampa Bay missed a field goal instead). It is a dangerous way to start games and it must be addressed as the team faces stiffer challenges.


Tony Romo, Quarterback -- Another solid performance by Romo this week. He set a personal record when he completed his 99th pass in a row without an interception. Considering he threw three in the loss to Denver, it should be noted that he has only thrown four picks all season. And it isn't as if he isn't taking chances downfield. The emergence of Miles Austin has been a real boon to Romo and the entire team.

Patrick Crayton, Wide Receiver -- It's time to give the six-year veteran some love. When demoted back to being the slot receiver, all while losing his punt return job, he took it like a pro and just continued to work. Today, for the second consecutive week, it paid off in a big way. Aside from making three big receptions, Crayton returned his another punt return for a touchdown.

Keith Brooking, Linebacker -- Ever since joining the team during the off-season, Brooking has made a huge contribution. Wade Phillips admitted he didn't know what Brooking had left, after making the Pro-Bowl five times, as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. What Phillips has discovered is that Brooking may just well be the the best free-agent signing in the league. He plays with unbridled emotions and is a real team leader. He had another 8 tackles today, along with a sack and a forced fumble (that was credited to Bradie James, but it could have easily gone to Brooking).


Martellus Bennett, Tight End -- Bennett really didn't have a bad day, per se. But considering how much was expected of the second year pro, he really did have a good one, either. He missed a couple of connections with Romo, where the quarterback looked frustrated with the tight end. He did make a couple of plays, however. So all wasn't lost.

Felix Jones, Kick Returner -- Don't get me wrong. Felix Jones is a star. But so far this season, as a kick returner, he's been average at best. The play that upset me today was his taking a kickoff 5 yards deep and barely making it to the 15-yard-line. The truth is, this woudn't be enough to make the zeroes list normally, but in a week where so much went right, there you have it.

Roy Williams, Wide Receiver -- This is starting to get old. Roy Williams is not a bad wide receiver. But right now he is playing one on TV. I can't understand why he and Romo are having so many problems connecting. In the mean time, he did make a touchdown catch (barely) to redeem himself, slightly. But it seems that every pass Romo sends his way ends poorly. This must be fixed for this team to win down the stretch.

It was a second consecutive strong showing for a team that has been marred by inconsistency for two years. It will be interesting to see how they handle Philadelphia, as the Eagles are coming off a huge win over the Giants. The Eagles have also been inconsistent, but were awesome against New York. Dallas should have a real chip on their shoulders after getting badly embarrassed in Philly at the end of last season. Personally, I think the Cows are up to the challenge.

Here is my pick for next week:



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