Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm really not trying to sound like a right-wing demagogue and I'm also not following any conservative/Republican Party talking points. But I can not for the life of me understand how anybody can possibly still believe the following...

...that the science is settled that global warming/climate change is caused my anything man-made. Seriously, the latest news is that this is the warmest decade in 1300 years. Well, let's say that's true. Were there CO2 polluting cars 1300 years ago? Were there Hi-Def televisions?

...that no one noticed how much CO2 was wasted by all those private jets and limos in Copenhagen?

...that anyone in the free world actually believes that the nut-job in Iran (whatever the fuck his name is) and his compadre in Venezuela really give a rat's ass about climate change?

...that anyone really should give a damn that Tiger Woods prefers white women?

...that anti-Zionism is anything but closeted (and even then, not so much anymore) anti-semitism?

...that Jews have a mysterious cabal where they collude to plan and destroy the freedom of other people (I heard that one on the radio today, and it wasn't even the 100th time)?

...that any political party in power wants to share power with minority party?

...the President and his handlers DO NOT care about his poll numbers?

...that anyone really gives a damn what the ladies from The View think?

...that Michelle Obama is a fashion icon

...that the government will be more efficient in dispensing health care?

...that President Obama deserves the B+he gave himself?

...that Wade Phillips will be coaching the Dallas Cowboys next season?

and finally...

...that Harry Reid is not a joke?


Ethan said...

Hey, I invited you to the cabal. Where the heck were you?

S said...

I must have been too busy baking matzos with the blood of Christian babies.