Tuesday, February 09, 2010

From the incomparable Doug Ross:

Democrats shocked -- SHOCKED -- that Republicans won't eat the juicy, tender crap sandwich they cooked up all on their own

That wailing and gnashing of teeth you hear in the distance is the faux outrage ginned up by the Chicago wing of (that is to say -- the entire) White House over the GOP's refusal to participate in a "health care summit."

Now criticism of the Republicans might be warranted if, say, a single one of their ideas was truly on the table. But, as so often happens with this particular administration, truth is in extremely short supply. Because what the Democrats want the Republicans to discuss -- and then swallow -- is their original, Rube Goldberg-esque health care bill.

Yes, that's the same bill from which the GOP was completely excluded. That was crafted behind closed doors in secret meetings. That contains thousands of pages and billions in payoffs to the trial lawyers, the SEIU, Benedict Nelson, Mary Landfill, and every other radical Leftist constituency that had donated to Obama's campaign.

The Washington Compost provides the back-story with one of the highlights featuring the dumbest press secretary of all time. Yes, Robert Gibbs is on the front lines again today, accusing the GOP of -- wait for it -- excessive partisanship. Gibbs, whose birth certificate is rumored to be an apology note from a condom factory, rolled out Standardized Obama Talking Point #19. Memo to Gibbs: excessive repetition won't make it any less of a lie.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs responded by saying that Obama has sought Republican input since early last year, and the president remains interested in hearing ideas that the GOP believe will advance the cause of health care reform... But he appeared to give little ground on the idea that Obama might abandon the months of work that produced Democratic bills that passed the House and the Senate late last year.

In a nutshell, President Obama -- Huckster-in-Chief -- is selling a "Bipartisan Health Summit" that is strictly predicated upon the exact same crap sandwich that the voters of Massachusetts forcefully spit out only weeks ago.

And when the GOP and the American people reject the same, noxious Sloppy Joe -- constructed by Democrats, for Democrats -- the Alinsky-trained hacks at the White House cry partisanship.

If this were a John Grisham story, readers would think the plot too unrealistic.

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