Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Got Mail

I love when my fans comment on my blog. But this one is something that is quickly becoming one of my favorites:

strop being a little bitch and man up, a man that hits a woman is a complete faggot, fuck u and ur illnes lol ur not a higly skilled worker, and ur "prior education" is a joke, the only reason u have ur "highly skilled job" is due to your religion nothing more...have a great day and fuck yourself :)

Now I know what you're thinking. It's just some insignificant child who has a serious anger management issue. But here's the funny thing - thanks to modern technology (Site Meter is great), not only do I know when it was sent, I know from where it was sent as well. So, if the person who wrote this (and you know I know who you are) reads this, please know that I would be very surprised if your employer would appreciate the liability you have just brought upon him.

Clearly not the smartest decision you've ever made, my dear.

But the one thing that strikes me more than anything else is the fact that this poster told me to "man up." It's an interesting comment coming from someone who comments anonymously.

I can't imagine the CRC appreciates how little this poster considers the importance of the Koshrut laws, either. In fact, after speaking to them regarding this, I know they aren't very amused. Certainly, if whoever posted this worked at a place that was under the CRC certification, I believe that their boss would be quite embarrassed as well.

But that's just me. After all, the person did post this "anonymously," right?

By the way, your spelling is atrocious.

Anyway, I welcome all letters and comments, and as always, I'll tell you what I think.


Ethan said...

One comment, she is a low-life and she will get what she deserves.

Anonymous said...

haha i dont see a point of wasting my time correcting my spelling, your not worth my time, and what an employee does on his lunch break is of no concern of the employer or the crc and the comment happens to be my personal opinion, i have that right :) but you also fail to mention many of the reason why you were "abused" is because you didnt do your job right nothing else.

Shayne said...

Interesting that you admit to being abusive. Thank you for that. It only strengthens my claim. Keep in mind, it is not for you, or any other employee to determine whether or not I did my job correctly.

Keep it up, you are only burying yourself farther.

Anonymous said...

haha u must not get the sarcasm in the "" shayne your a loser at home trying to get money you have nothing, your pist you got fired for hitting a girl, get over it loser haha!!! your absolutely right its not my job to determine that, once again it happenes to be my opinion :)

Shayne said...

I never said anything about money, and I haven't been fired. I';m not certain where you get your ideas. But I do know what "cyber-bullying" is and I also know that should be very careful with what you say.

You've really chosen to mess with the wrong guy. And all you are doing, by your actions (especially using your employer's computer) makes him liable as well.

I could care less what you think of me. But considering I have witnesses attesting the fact that you assaulted me - more than once, I may add - I fear you are not taking this as seriously as you should.

I would also suggest that if you continue to defame, or insult me, I will need to take further legal action. And as American citizen, I am well versed in my rights.

Anonymous said...

whatever you say shayne, ive given u my opinion i have nothing more to say