Thursday, March 18, 2010

Points to Ponder

A Question no one is answering:

If, as according to Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, so many people want this health care legislation, why do they have to resort to tricks, gimmicks and bribes to make it work?

This whole process smells like moldy cheese. Now, I understand Pelosi HAS to say some of the things she says, so not to appear weak against her rivals. But some of what she said is beyond nonsense. For example:

"We have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it."

Now let's examine Madame Speaker's words. Read it again - "We have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it." Nope. Sounds just as ridiculous the second time around. What this tells me is that not only is she perhaps the least intelligent House Speaker we've ever had, but that she is so terribly arrogant to believe we don't know how ridiculous she is.

But that's just par for the course with this President and his administration.

And let's talk about this President, for a moment. Did you see his FOX interview with Bret Baier? For the first time in my memory, a news reporter actually asked Obama tough questions (and this includes you, Bill O'Reilly). Throughout the interview, Obama tried desperately to change the subject, even going so far as to condescendingly complain of being interrupted.

Perhaps he was interrupted because he was skirting the questions. Baier, to his unwavering credit, refused to be bullied. If perhaps news folks, whose job it is to ask tough questions, would have treated Obama the way Baier did today, then maybe he wouldn't be the most politically deficient President we've ever had.

I know my opinion counts less than a wad of spit, but please Mr. President - get over yourself and realize you are failing at your job and failing your country. We do not want this crap of a health care bill, we do not want you to take over 1/6 of our economy, we do not want you to financial indebt our children and grandchildren, we do not want you to destroy what's left of our economy in belief of so-called man-made global warming, we do not want you to make friends with people who want us dead and we do not want you to set race-relations back 50 years by making everything about race!

Your plan for health care is dishonest, unconstitutional and very, very dangerous. You want to fix the health care industry? Great. But don't "fix" it by making it much worse. We do not want the Canadian system and we don't want the British system. What we want is the American system. That means we want the free market to work it all out. We want it open across state lines, we want choices that don't require us to fund everybody's nose job, breast implants or abortion.

And we are very tired of doing things the "Chicago" way. Keep your thugs away. We are sick of the Van Joneses, the Anita Dunn's or someone like his "Safe-school's czar" (Kevin Jennings) who advocates "fisting" as a healthy choice for students. These are communists, Marxists, and in the case of Jennings, disturbed people whom you have chosen to represent us with.

My father used to tell me that you are who you associate yourself with. So let's look at those whom this President has chosen to surround himself:

Jeremiah Wright - Obama's pastor for 20 years. As head of the Trinity Baptist Church rails against Jews and other white people from the pulpit. He is a black theologian who believes America is the ultimate evil that must be "damned."

William Ayers - Although Obama tried to convince everyone that he was "just a guy from my neighborhood," In fact Ayers - a member of the terrorist outfit, "The Weather Underground" (known for blowing up buildings and killing cops, and has called for a revolution and the death of 25 million Americans) - actually has had a much deeper and closer relationship. Yes, folks. Obama lied about his relationship with Ayers.

Tony Rezko - Slumlord extraordinaire.

Rashid Khalidi - Ardent anti-Semite. His relationship with Obama was so vile that the L.A. Times had to cover it up, less it cost "Teh Won" the election.

Anita Dunn - Former White House Communications Director whose hero was mass murderer Mao Tse-tung.

Van Jones - Obama's Special Advisor for Green Jobs, who is a avowed Communist and led a petition to indict President Bush for his involvement in the 9-11 "conspiracy."

Look, this is just the beginning. It makes you wonder, did he ever know anyone who wasn't a radical? But even these appointments could be excused if there was something we could point to agree he wants what's best for our country. But every move he (and his administration) have made since taking office have been one embarrassing disaster after another.

For proof, you need to look no further that his faux pas with Israel this past week. It's almost as if he is completely clueless. It's like having a 5-year-old perform surgery. It may look cute, but it will kill the patient (unless he's Doogie Howser - and Barack Obama is NO Doogie).

Let me ask you a question. What if Obama really is everything the Right fears he is. What would look any different? We can "HOPE" that the "CHANGE" Obama wants is what we want also. But after a year of this crap, it's time stop and smells the reality.

And everything depends on this lousy health care legislation. Obama knows that if he can get this passed, then he can continue to peel away at the way we live our lives and our society. But if he's defeated, then one of two things can happen. The Democrats will lose the House and Senate - which is very possible at this point - which may force Obama to move to the Center. Or, he can become completely irrelevant, ala Jimmy Carter, setting up a landslide defeat in 2012, again ala Jimmy Carter.

This bill must be stopped. Not just because Obama's success is tied to it. But because it is a very bad bill for America. If you don't believe me, read the damn thing for yourself. I know! I'm on Medicare because of my disability. If they just expanded Medicare, it wouldn't be as bad. This is far, far worse. Just doing something is not the way to go. If you aren't going to make it better, then don't do it at all.

Ok, I'm done now.

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