Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today, something historic has happened.

The Republicans just won control of both the House and Senate, and with any ability, they will control them both for a very long time.

This overhaul of health care, by Obama. Pelosi and company has insured their demise. While the population festers in anger over the arrogance of passing a law that is neither needed, nor wanted, the royal court sits and eats cake.

Those who voted this abomination into office are completely complicit in the destruction of Democracy. Never in my life have I witnessed such an abuse of power by such a power-hungry group of clueless sheep we call politicians.

Oh, we won't feel it right away, and perhaps that will give some cover to those who go blindly into the night, pulling the lever for whoever has a (D) next to their name. For they only know what the Hollywood elite believe, and being unable to think for themselves, they sit idly by as our own freedoms are stripped away - one by one.

Congratulations, Democrats. You finally managed to bribe, conjole and threaten enough people to turn the United States into the next European experiment. From John Kerry's belief in a World order (his litmus test), to Barry Obama's Marxist takeovers of private industry.

Now, I want you to look ahead 20 years. By that time, the government will have destroyed the entire health insurance industry. After all, private corporations can not compete with a government who cares nothing for the bottom line. But how will the government get the money?

Taxes. More and more taxes. And what they can not afford (because there is just so much money available), they simply will ration.

And what of our doctors and nurses? Do you think there will be the same incentive to spend 8 years and thousands of grueling hours just to make pennies for your labor? Don't believe me? It;s already started. That is why many doctors (and now Walgreen's pharmacies) will no longer take Medicare patients.

In 20 years, our medical industry will look exactly like the DMV, the Post Office and the IRS. Impersonal, unfunded and miserable.

By the way, so many "courageous" Democrats voted for this bill. Are you aware that their health insurance will remain the same? Are you aware that while this country falls deeper and deeper in debt - while unemployment continues to rise, that THEY have recently passed a law mandating their pay raises?

I love how certain liberal friends of mine have written, saying " get over yourself, it's a new day." That is so typical of the liberal mindset. These people have no clue what is about to happen. But when the shit hits the fan, they will be first in line to complain about it and the first in line to blame the Republicans. Because they heard on "the View" how the Right wants to kill bunnies.

You've blown it, Democrats. You've jumped the shark. In November, the Republicans will begin to try and do the hopefully not irrevocable damage you have done to our country. At that point, what Reagan did to Carter will look like a close call compared to what this country is going to do to you.

I for one, will enjoy every minute of it.

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