Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol Preview

Okay, I haven't been very consistent this year with my Idol posts. Since this is the final week of this season, I thought I would just rehash a few things and then post my prediction for the outcome.

This past season was, for all intents and purposes, a very weak one. While some of the talent deserved to be there, it was a far cry from the last two years. That said, having Lee, Crystal and Casey in the final three was not a huge surprise. Of course, had it been up to me, I would have placed Siobhan Magnus there, in place of Mr. James. As far as I was concerned, Siobhan was the most interesting contestant and offered the most entertainment value. You never knew how she would look, or how she would perform her songs. But each performance was worth the wait.

A number of weeks ago, I did predict a Lee-Crystal final, and it seems to have happened. FOr the past few weeks, ever since Siobhan was eliminated, I rooted for Lee to win it all. However, at no time did I expect that to happen. Although I like Crystal, and think she is incredibly talented and gifted, there was always something about Mr. Dewyze that made me pull for him.

Suddenly last week, Lee's performances reached the talent level of Crystal's. In a number of circles, Lee pulled ahead of Crystal in the race for the finish. He was garnering more praise from the judges and the Internet was buzzing wildly for him. It really did appear that his star was rising just when Crystal's had begun to fade. For the past few weeks, her performances seemed lackluster, at best and it appeared that, just as Andrew Garcia peaked during the Hollywood performances, Ms. Bowersox peaked three weeks ago.

That was, however, until tonight. Without a doubt, if winning is based on tonight's performances, Crystal wins hands down. Now, it does pain me to say that because personally, I am still rooting for Lee. But while Lee was good tonight, Crystal was amazing. Lee performed his three songs exactly as I would have expected him to. But on each step, Crystal was better. Her last song, the one that will be released as a single (should she win), was one of the finest vocal performances I have ever heard on the Idol stage.

But of course, the race is not won just on the final evening. If that were the case, Kris Allen would not have defeated Adam Lambert a year ago. Likability plays a hand. Also, you have to look at the numbers. When Casey was eliminated, where did his voters turn? My assumption (and this is only that) is that Lee picked up the lion's share of Casey votes. I think what kept Crystal so easily safe all year was the early elimination of all the other female singers. Of course, she was the best of the bunch and deserves to be here.

So my prediction is that Crystal will pull it out in the end. However, I think it will be a lot closer than most people expect. Regardless, both finalists will have record deals and will be stars. That goes for Siobhan, also. Casey will cut a record as well. But his future should be as the front for a band.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

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