Thursday, June 03, 2010

As usual, my friend Robert Avrech states it better than I could ever hope to:

Massacre on the High Seas


South Korean Navy patrol combat corvettes stage an anti-submarine exercise off the western coast of Taean. (Reuters)

It is true.

There was a massacre on the high seas.

Innocent men were murdered by a terrorist regime.

Of course, Seraphic Secret is talking about the 46 sailors, aboard a South Korean submarine.

It has been established, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that North Korea, unprovoked, torpedoed and sank the South Korean sub.

The UN sprang into action, condemning the North Korean regime.

Just kidding.

And naturally, the streets of Europe are choked with peace-loving activists objecting to this wanton act of murder.


And you can bet your bottom dollar that scores of, ahem, human rights activists have organized a flotilla to bring aid to the people of North Korea who are under blockade—by their own government.

Again, just kidding.

North Korea.

The most repressive regime on the face of the earth. During the 90's a government-manufactured famine caused approximately 2.5 million deaths—probably more—from starvation and disease.

The notorious North Korean gulags make the Soviet gulags look like Club Med. Over a million prisoners, including women and children, subsist on tree bark and grass; for protein, they forage for worms and insects.

Infants born with physical and mental disabilities are not allowed to live in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. Reports indicate that in some areas, infants with disabilities are murdered.

Satellite images of North Korea taken at night show a dark blotch. That's because the electrical grids do not function. In contrast, South Korea sparkles like a diamond.

Ordinary citizens do not have refrigerators or stoves. They cook over open flames. Stationery—we're talking about paper—is only available to government officials and trusted university students. The regime does not want people keeping diaries or writing letters to, well, anybody.

No computers or phones.

Of course, no internet.

North Koreans are caged, not just in their hermit country, but forbidden to travel from one city or village to the next without an official permit. Caught without a proper pass, North Koreans are tortured—and they do not bother with stuff like water-boarding, they just rip out your fingernails—and jailed for years, if not secretly executed.

One in five citizens works for state security in one way or the other. In short, North Korea is a nation of informers. Parents cannot trust their children, and husbands and wives can never really know if they are sleeping with the enemy.

There is no banking system.

No judicial system.

Religion is forbidden.

Everyone worships the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, a certifiable lunatic who commits mass murder every single day, and threatens a nuclear holocaust on South Korea.

The suffering in North Korea is beyond imagination.

So, you would think that all these peace activists and human rights groups would be storming the North Korean border in order to break the regime's blockade.

But that's not exactly happening.

In fact, the international left who are so shrill and self-righteous in their defense of the proudly Jew-hating, genocidal-yearning Hamas jihadists—their charter, partly based on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, calls for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews—of Gaza, are curiously silent when it comes to the terrorist North Korean regime.

You know why?

1. The North Koreans would exterminate the protestors without apology. So, y'know, it's actually kind of dangrous. Nork soldiers do not pack painball guns.

2. Jews do not run North Korea.

Anybody detect a pattern?

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