Saturday, June 12, 2010

I recently came across a blog on the website by the name of ApolloSpeaks. I really know very little about the blogger, but I was duly impressed with his post refuting ignorant HuffPo blogger, Hal Donahue (I won't like to that anti-Semite). I thought you might enjoy it as well:


Huffington Post blogger Hal Donahue commenting on Jonah Goldberg's TH piece: "Israel's Gaza Blockade: It Works" wrote yesterday that:

"Because of stupidly over generations Israel's actions have created a [Palestinian] people. "

To which I replied:

"The stupidity of Israel, Hal? Or the medieval mindlessness and lunacy of Islamo-Arab racism and intolerant religious supremacy which sees Israel's existence as a painful humiliation and refutation of Islamic truths?"

To which Donahue replied:

"Both actually. Until they get tired of destroying each other."

To which I replied:

Donahue says that the problem driving the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is that both sides are [trying] to destroy each other. On the contrary, it's the Palestinians and Arabs who are violently intolerant and opposed to Israel's existence on racial, cultural and religious grounds-on primitive values drawn from the Dark Ages. If Israelis were intent on destroying all Palestinians then, starting with one million Israeli Arabs, they would have done so by now.

Democratic, peaceloving, progressive Israel wants a resolution to the conflict. Regressive, primitive, war loving Palestinians want victory. Israelis understandably have given up trying to make peace with the Palestinians and want to disengage from them leaving them to their savagery and evil-the only logical course for Israel given their ruinous intransigence.

To equate the two as moral equals, as uncritical, confused, politically correct multiculturalists like Donahue do, has nothing to do with the nature and reality of the conflict-for between good and evil there is no equality. Unfortunately for the peace and stability of the Middle East [whatever little there is] we have a completely clueless fool in the White House who shares Donahue's radical views and wants to return to the failed peace process of the past [when Clinton was backstabbed by Arafat] dying to give insanity another chance.

To which Donahue replied:

"Israel is not a peaceloving country - see its history."

To which I replied:

The story of Israel you say is not the history of a peaceloving democratic people? Which history are you referring to I wonder? The real history of a nation restored to life after 2000 years under siege from its birth because it's a modern, liberal, progressive, non-Moslem state? Because it rejects the Koran as its constitution and the prophet Mohammed as it's religious and political guide (which you do as well)? A nation that gave up 90% of the lands it captured from an aggressive nation in a defensive war and granted autonomy to the Palestinians during a foolish peace process? Or the revisionist, politically correct, appeaser's history that fits Arab lies, propaganda and stereotypes of a Western imperial-colonial-capitalist-land grabbing power? Which history do you mean, Hal?

Donahue never replied to this but instead answered a comment I made to another poster named Mark who equated Israel's blockade of Gaza with "Nazis confiscating Jewish property and killing its owners."

To this I replied:

Your equating of Israel's blockade of Gaza-supported in Israel because of its success in saving Jewish lives and property-with "Nazis confiscating Jewish property and killing its owners," is morally outrageous.

The Nazis had both the means and will to annihilate every Jew in Europe and beyond; while Israel has the means to eradicate the Palestinians but not the will. On the other hand, the Palestinians have the will to destroy every Israeli Jew but not the means-which they pray for daily in their mosques and schools. Who is more Nazi-like, Mark? Who are the real genocidal killers? The Israelis or Palestinians?

As for world opinion opposing the blockade Israel obeys only one law against which all others are relatively meaningless. One law summed up in two bold words: NEVER AGAIN! If the world disapproves of the Jew-saving blockade of Gaza let them come with warships to break it.

Mark never responded to this but Donahue did with the following lame post:

"The world just may send warships."

Send warships to confront nuclear armed Israel when the world is doing little to stop terrorist Iran from building the bomb? And doing nothing to punish North Korea for its deadly sinking of a South Korean ship? Fat chance!

But nowhere does Donahue show the pathetic extent of his mental confusion on the Arab-Israeli Conflict than in the following comment he made to a poster named Summers where he expresses his admiration for Islamo-Nazi Hezbollah:

"Hezbollah's strategy has been brilliant" says Donahue. "They built schools, hospitals and financial institutions and they are well run, fair and admired. There is little extremism. They even had significant Christian support in the last election. This is my point. To survive Israel must change and adapt."

To which I replied:

It's deja vu all over again. If we were back in the 1930s Hal Donahue would be one of the many liberal leftist admirers of Hitler and Mussolini. Why?

Hitler and Mussolini both built schools, hospitals, financial institutions, highways, sports arenas and trains running on time for their people. Both received wide Christian support. And, as Jeff Goldberg informs us in his brilliant book "Liberal Fascism," Mussolini in the late 1920s and early 30s, was the most popular and revered political leader on earth-like Hezbollah leader Nazzralla is today in the Middle East.

"Israel" says Donahue "must change and adapt" to this new wonderful reality in its neighborhood. Must "change and adapt" to an Islamo-Nazi leader and movement destined to share the bitter fate of Hitler, Mussolini and European Fascism.

Hal Donhahue is symptomatic of the intellectual and moral derangement of the political Left led by the ill fated ignoramus in the White House whose presidency began with Ted Kennedy's collapse from a left-sided brain tumor; and resembles with each passing day the growing disaster in the Gulf.

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